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My interest for business became noticeable around 3 years ago, when I started trading on eBay. Throughout the period of studying sports at college, it was a hobby in which I found extreme excitement and potential. As time went on I was becoming more and more drawn towards business. It became a necessity to be more aware, so I began to read more books to teach myself about business and spent more time researching. It has made a great impact to the way I view things and has opened my mind towards new opportunities. My enthusiasm and passion for this field has made me certain to further my studies in business.
I believe that in order to be successful, one has to be disciplined and go through the lifelong process of self-development. To evaluate ones progress and constantly be working towards increasing your knowledge and improving or developing new skills, hence why I want to study at university. I also believe it’s a wise choice, becoming more valuable, in an ever-changing and unpredictable world of today. Furthermore, I’m very excited about meeting new, ambitious individuals, with similar interests. I look forward to having discussions with fellow students, expressing different ideas and learning from each other.
After completing my degree, I should have a wider understanding of how businesses and managers operate. I’m dedicated to achieving my goals, which are to run a successful business. My heart is within the hotel and restaurant industry, but I’m flexible towards all new and potential opportunities. It would be beneficial to gain valuable work experience and financial back up, before getting to the stage of starting a business, which is something I’m planning on doing.
Volunteering at a local sailing club, gave the opportunity for high school children to take part in sailing. This activity is usually a barrier for people with physical disabilities and was made possible with special equipment and the help of volunteers. Being part of it gave me a great satisfaction; in fact sailing on the boat, amongst many smiles, has to be one of my favourite memories. Our job was to have the sails up and ready before the children arrived and gear them up for sailing. We would have failed to do this on time, unless we communicated and worked together. Experiencing this helped me to further develop and understand the importance of, communication and team work, which are essential skills in business.
Another thing which I’m passionate for is boxing and kickboxing, which I started at the age of 12. I have competed in many places around Suffolk and have won many trophies and medals. Over the years I have gained the trust and the ability to coach at Millenniums Martial Arts Centre voluntarily. This requires much confidence and has increased my ability as a communicator. It has also made a great impact on my leadership abilities, which can be used to my advantage in a business related career.
Working with empire marketing as a sales person, required me to have brilliant communication and people skills, due to having direct contact with many customers on a daily basis. It also required you to have a sufficient memory to ensure product knowledge was to a good standard. My interest helped to pick up on day to day running of the business and the different roles of a manager.
Studying at university I’m sure will be demanding and understand that it requires full focus over a long period. I feel confident and fully committed to successfully completing business studies/management with marketing. I will give my utmost effort to achieve the best possible grades. I have the hunger and motivation to accomplish my goals in which failure is not an option. I will strive to be the best I can, with a non-quit mentality.
In my spare time I like to keep in shape by going to the gym on a regular basis. I have always been very creative and artistic and enjoy painting. Coming from a musical background I have a passion for music and listen to a wide variety. I’m currently learning to play guitar, for self-satisfaction. I think that it’s one of the best ways to express your feelings and one of the most versatile instruments. I also enjoy reading and currently reading, Enterprise and Small Business, Principles, Practice and Policy (Sara Carter and Dylan Jones-Evans). I find it very useful and intrigued by how important small businesses are to today’s economy.

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