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Since arriving in this country, I have become much more aware of current affairs and the world around me, locally and globally. I have chosen to study politics because I seen as a way of acquiring the skills and knowledge that will give me an edge in the job market.

Studying politics help possess understanding of politics and government that will be of use whether I decide to work in government or in the private or voluntary sectors. I enjoy looking at how people participate in politics in the UK whether through voting in elections, joining party memberships or pressure groups.

Since moving to sixth form I have become keen in business studies because to seek employment that interests me, studying business opens a wide variety of career opportunities for me. Business also help to develop methodical ways of thinking and problem solving which is important.

I enjoy finding about how businesses market their products or services to their customers. This has helped feed dedication towards the subject grow stronger and gradually has made me want to study business in more depth.

The degree I would like to study while at university is business combined with politics. The reason why I wish to combine these particular subjects because although politic play little part in business decision, it does influence business decisions for example health and safety issues.

Another reason why I have chosen this degree as it is relevant to my chosen career which is to become marketing manager because marketing issues are important in all areas of a organisation-customers are the reasons why businesses exist.

The aspect of business with politic is that intrigues is international relations looking at the relations between states and inter-state organisations such as the United Nations and the European Union.

During year 12 when I was studying GNVQ business I did work experience at an infant school in Redbridge working as a teacher assistant. My responsibilities as teacher assistant included:

Helping teacher and other teacher assistants with the lessons such as PE lesson where the children do exercise in the gym.
Helping teacher to get the classroom ready for lesson such as arranging chairs at the classroom before the children came in.
Helping pupils with activities such as drawing and colouring tree and sun on the computer.
Supervising pupils during break time who have been ask to stay inside the classroom.

The skills I have pick from this work experience are interpersonal skills through communication and interaction with others.

My interests inside the school are in 2006 I became a member of an organisation called Envision which is an organisation which helps people age 16 to 19 in schools and colleges to set up their own projects. The reason why I enjoy Envision because it give me the confidence to make a difference in issues I care about.

My interests outside the school are using the internet to research and explore business and politics. I regularly visit a website a called tutor2u which is the leading publisher for business and politics.
I like watching news channels such as BBC and SKY news to find out about the current global news around the world and local news around the UK.

I believe that I am the right candidate for course because I posses the skills required for this course such as ICT skills e.g. spreadsheet, word, internet explorer and email. I have research skill; essay research via library and internet and I enjoy working in both team environment and independently.

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This personal statement was written by berthine3465 for application in 2008.

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i need help on work experience and hobbies


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1) I think it is quite good.

2) you do plan on using line gaps do you not?

3) where are you thinking of applying?

4) i may just "borrow" some of your ideas.

thanks. xxx

i would reccomend you to

i would reccomend you to write politics instead of politic ... I think you did lots of interesting things but the way you present them is too informal ... you need to get somenone to check it thouroughly (especially for errors of grammar) before to submit your application.

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