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I have always wanted to go to university young because feel that going to university will give me a good sense of direction and help me to define who I can be, and what career I will pursue in the future. The courses which I hope to do at university are business management or marketing. This is because I feel that these are the courses that have career paths which most interest me, and after studying a little of both of these at AS and A2 I feel that these are my strongest and favourite areas of the business studies syllabus

I feel that I would do well in business management as it incorporates many interesting features of business studies such as marketing management, human resource management and financial management. These features would be useful in any career I decide to enter after I have obtained my degree. Marketing fascinates me because I am interested in why and how people buy things, is it down to impulse or due to psychological and attractive advertising?

I feel that my creative skills gained in media studies will come in useful when studying marketing, as there is a strong role for media in marketing , especially as marketing can incorporate advertising whether its on television, radio or print. I feel that I am imaginative as I am currently making a film for media studies, which needs to be planned carefully and very original. I made a Sunday supplement magazine in AS which meant a lot of creative and attention grabbing writing, which I feel will come in useful for a course in marketing

I have a part time job in ASDA which I started in December 2003 , which I feel has enabled me to use my communication skills in a more challenging environment, as every customer is different. Through working for ASDA I have learnt there are many hierarchal levels in supermarket management and how in the workplace you have to be both a team player and an individual to succeed

My main leisure activities and interests are playing football .I have played for various Sunday league teams , which is very hard at times due to the fact that sometimes I was playing with new team members so I had to make friends quickly. Also I enjoy listening to music especially rap and RnB although I do keep an open mind and tend to listen to other genres

Also I have a NHS modernisation certificate which I obtained in May last year. This certificate was giving to me by the organisation known as Brooke and I achieved it by retraining NHS professionals on how to help young people in a better and more understanding way

I am really excited about proceeding to university, as I would be the first in my immediate family to do so and feel I could accomplish a lot once I get there.

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would've been better if you

would've been better if you hadnt included the bit about liking rap and rnb, but fantastic opening paragraph

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