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Most of us can expect to spend many years of our lives working in organisations of various kinds, being managed or managing others. I am one of those who like to manage people and interact with them. Human Resources Program will enhance my marketability and give me the relevant professional skills and knowledge that employers in today’s marketplace are looking for. The program gives me the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive background in the functions of Human Resources from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

My uncle is an HR Manager in General Electric company, Canada. GE is a global infrastructure, finance and media company. He explained to me what HR is all about and what career is going to be if I select this field. I started taking interest in this field and gained a lot of knowledge from him and also from internet. On internet, I searched for government websites for Human Resources to know what duties and responsibilities HR perform. For example, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Service Canada and Government of Canada Human Resources Management System.

I came to Canada in 2008 and started working in Tim Horton’s (café). In 2009, I got promoted as a supervisor with a responsibility to manage the store. I had to make employees work as a team and to make sure that customers are happy with our service. Counting the cash at the end of the shift and closing the store after making sure that all the employees have done their job properly was also part of my duties. My dream to study HR came true in 2010 when I joined Sheridan College where I learned Training and Development, Health and Safety which turn out to be very important course since preventing accidents at work should be a key priority for everyone. Recruitment and Selection, Compensation and Benefits and HR Planning were also very important courses. I studied and worked at the same time and was always keen to try and apply what I had learned during my work experience as a supervisor to my time in college.

I want to further develop my skills and understanding of HRM to enable me to pursue a career in this field once I complete my studies. I want to study this program to develop a clear understanding of future career options and demonstrate progress towards achieving them as either an employee or an owner manager or the non-profit sector or within further study within the academic community. I look forward to challenged and difficulty that university will offer and applying myself fully to achieve the standards that I am ultimately capable of.

The UK has grown to become one of the top destinations to study around the world. UK has excellent higher-education system and hundreds of world-class universities. I can take advantage of a huge choice of universities and the excellent standards of teaching that the UK provides. Universities in the UK offer an extremely wide range of courses to choose from. I will also gain new skills that employers look for when I study for a degree in the UK. UK universities will help me think creatively; work from my own initiative and also as part of a team.

In addition, I have got a health and safety training from my job in Tim Horton's. My skills have developed a lot more after studying Human Resources in Sheridan College. Listening to and working with others, findings solutions to problems and working with others from different cultures are my main areas of interest. I have applied my skills and abilities to my previous job as Administrative Billing Specialist where I had to listen to the customer and find solutions to their quires. Apart from that, after finishing my university in UK, I would like to come back to Canada and want to study MBA. I am also looking forward to get CHRP.

For a long time it has been an ambition of mine to have a Business related career, and to study at a University. With my easy-going personality, I will be able to interact readily with an international community and contribution positively to the benefit of the cross culture experiences. I will not only progress at a personal level but also become one step closer to laying the foundation for a successful business future.

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This personal statement was written by pandyakr for application in 2012.

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I am applying for September 2012 and am really confused with my personal statement. What do you guys think of this personal statement?


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thanks guys

Hi, thanks for the comment and I got accepted in all five universities Ii applied for.

Don't state the obvious (the

Don't state the obvious (the UK paragraph), you know, i know and they know that UK is one of the best; and if not second to the states.

your'e an inspiration to me!!

your'e an inspiration to me!!


Very neat article post.

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