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For the past year I have been studying subjects relating to business on the Internet. I have chosen to apply for a course in business relating to the Internet because it is a very interesting and exciting area to work in. It is a new industry, with lots of aspects still to be exploited such as virtual on-line stores, using drop shippings and extending on-line purchasing through mobile technology. I hope this course will extend my knowledge and understanding of the Internet and eventually lead me into a career where I will be rewarded and have many future opportunities

I am very fascinated with figures because I had a great interest in maths in secondary school and Finance in college. I also would love to do a course with Finance as I gained a distinction in Finance when I was studying Intermediate Business. I am computer literate with a typing speed of 45 words per minute. This is because the subject I am doing involves alot of typing

My time at Tower Hamlets College has been particularly successful because of my own determination and motivation to do well and I also made the most of the opportunities available for me. I have received a number of awards and certificates for my work in Business Studies and E-commerce

I have strong communication skills with verbal communication being my greatest strength. I presented some of my assignments verbally because my teachers wanted to capitalize on my ability to get my point across by talking. My BTEC e-Business course is 100% assignment based and so far I have met all assignment deadlines and passed

My work experience at a local youth club in Limehouse has broadened my view of the world of work, while I was there I gained new skills such as how to work as a part of a team when we organised activities for children. I also organised residential trips and participated in activities, which were held in college and in my local youth club

This helped me manage time, team build and also negotiate with other people

One of my major responsibilities is being class representative. I try to get students views across in the college. I was chosen as a class rep because of my excellent attendance and punctuality in college as well as my ability to speak, and my honesty and trust

Now I am in my last six months of my course and I am motivated to get good grades and I am determined to go to university

I enjoy a number of outside interests such as music, going to the cinema and reading. I have a passion for playing football as well as supporting my favourite team which is Liverpool. I play regularly in my local park team and I also enjoy playing snooker

I love to play chess and checkers as it stimulates my mind and allows me to think ahead of my-self. The rest of my free time is spent on helping people in my local area with their computer problems. I am very happy to help others who need help because I enjoy doing it because I get appreciated for it

I always wanted to go to university from a young age and I know by going to university I will have a wider range of opportunities to choose from.

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