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International Business Personal Statement

International Business Management, Finance, Accounting and Marketing are the subjects I wish to pursue. It is my goal to become a business analyst manager working internationally with Finance. My family business inspired me to do the course as I have had the opportunity to work within many business areas such as, accounting and finance. Though this work experience I have learnt how to deal with balance sheet and profit and loss account. Since I started working in the business, it has become clearer how business world is operating, changing and adapting to create more paths to success is a feature that I can apply. Through this work experience I want to contribute more into businesses and make it more successful.

I would like to study International Business to build up my skills in research and presentation as well as develop my knowledge into the worldwide business environment. When I study International Business I can secure a role in Marketing, Consultancy, Human resource Services or start my own business. International focus is really vital in the business environment nowadays and I have chosen this course because I am able to speak 3 languages fluently English, Bengali, and Hindi and I want to learn Arabic language. The knowledge I have in these languages has made me eager in worldwide business. At university, I would like to study this course as I have to gain more knowledge and information in International business and work in various nations.

My life changed when I was 16 years old and came to the United Kingdom with my family. I enrolled at Barnfield College and was doing functional English Entry Level 3 and then next year I did functional English Level 2. During this time, I have met so many people from different cultures and different languages. This helped me to develop my socializing skills because of such a diverse culture. I learned how to live in new foreign environment where I had to rely on myself and cope with difficulties all alone. I came from school where I was with my same classmate for many years to a new and multi -cultural college.

Currently, I am doing Business Studies Level 3 year extended diploma where my course cover various subjects such as business management, accounting, marketing, human resource management, business, economic environment ,developing teams in business which is giving me different knowledge in many subjects which I can apply in university to get higher grade. I did not attend to high school in the UK but I attended in back home in Bangladesh where I have 9 GCSE's including maths and English. My academic skills are helping me to improve my personal characters such as meet assignment deadline, be on time in class , work group work etc.

I used to work in a restaurant as a manager responsible for making sure the business run effectively and smoothly. My duties were involved helping customers either as a cashier or helping customers at the customer service desk with their various problems and complaints which is helping me to improve my communication skills and problem solving skills. This formal position helped me vital life skills such as leadership, communication, organisation, planning and working with others.

My hobbies and interests are to spending my spare time with my family and friends. I like to spend my free time reading books and newspapers gaining knowledge and interested in learning new things. I also like working for social on my free time such as a charity, voluntary.

After I have completed my international business from university with first grade, I will look for a job as Head of International Finance in Retail businesses. I am very focused and determined about my course. I am confident that I will be studying the course successfully and hope my application will be approved.

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A bit too much expressive in terms of the way you structured the ps, it seems too routinized and rigid and lacks of clear conclusive points

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