International Business Personal Statement Example 6

Studying international business at degree level will enable me to explore, in depth, a range of
stimulating and interdisciplinary topics, which I feel will facilitate a deeper understanding of the
forever-evolving business world. Business has always interested me and studying it at degree level
will broaden my career opportunities. Studying geography, along with business, has given me an
insight on how the fundamentals of commerce have an impact on both economically developed and
economically developing countries globally. I have chosen to follow the international business route,
as I will be able to apply the geography knowledge I have gained over the years and use that to
widen my understanding in business
In the upcoming months, I will be taking part in work experience for JHI marketing, a company who
specialise in marketing arts, live events, theatre and entertainment. I hope that this work experience
will be as fulfilling as the business project I undertook in Year 11, where the challenge was to create
a business idea, formulate a plan and deliver the business with the intention of achieving profitable
outcomes. The team I led did in-fact make a profit and from that point in time my imagination was
stimulated, my choice of career path cemented.

Most of the research that I have conducted has highlighted several core ingredients integral to a
successful business model; effective communication, creativity when exploring gaps in a potential
market, perseverance, resilience and an ability to be productive under pressure are amongst those
ingredients. I have focused recently upon developing each of these components; in order to build
upon my communication skills I have started a part time job where dealing with the public is central
to my duties. I have learnt to be diplomatic, empathetic and pragmatic. I am currently developing an
idea, which could improve grocery shopping for UK households. Although the project is in the
preliminary stages, I am excited about the prospects. My ability to work under-pressure progresses
daily, not only because of my academic responsibilities but also working as a customer service
assistant where I manage the needs of the company’s customers and clients.

I derived great satisfaction from participating in the Youth Health Champion course, which enabled
me to become a peer mentor to students in the younger years; where students had emotional,
social or physical needs, I acted as the first point of contact and supported where possible. In
addition to this, it was a real privilege to be elected as one of five senior prefects for my last year in
secondary education and I take this responsibility seriously; the younger members of the school
benefit from having positive role models. Helping to host open-mornings and parent information
evenings is easy for some as they are naturally extroverted but I have had to make a conscious effort
to improve my public speaking. It has been a challenge but my confidence has increased

Ultimately, I hope to pursue a career in global marketing. My life-experiences so far, along with the
opportunities that I will be afforded at university, will assist my in that pursuit. I am prepared to
work hard, work independently and at times work outside the box

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I applied to study international business at Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Gloucestershire and Northumbria, receiving 2 unconditionals and 2 conditional offers.


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