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My decision to apply for a degree in Business is due to my desire to aim for a career in the promotion of electronic music.

This initiated from a visit to London, where I had the opportunity to experience the deeply fascinating influences of the local club scene to the culture of our times. This experience made my involvement with that specific branch of the music industry a primary objective.

During the following years I succeeded in establishing a presence within a field I knew very little about, even at the expense of other activities.

In fact, I managed to occupy myself in an independent record store, where apart from being given a chance to be involved in the management of the business I was also given an opportunity to test my creative skills, by creating a web page to promote the company.

Furthermore, the economics and business courses I attended during my studies in the International Baccalaureate gave me the opportunity to utilise and put into perspective the knowledge I had previously acquired through personal experience.

This made me realise the effect that a university education would have upon me both as person and as future professional.

Hence, if I were given the opportunity to continue my studies along these lines I would be more than willing to devote myself to the hard work neccessary in order to qualify for a degree.

I am fully aware of the effort as well as the risks involved, still it is the advice of a friend that inspires me "do what your heart says - it will bring your greater riches".

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er, how short?

aren't they supposed to be a bit longer?

just ok

just ok


aint it a bit short???? .........

to short

this is to short for a statement dont u think, other wise its goodddddddddd

Good, but a little short. You

Good, but a little short. You could also say which skills you have learnt, such as through work done or through academic subjects.

I received 6/6 offers from

I received 6/6 offers from top 30 Universities (according to the most accurate guides - not that it matters to me).

I have to note that I am not British and I applied through a college outside the UK. I was told to keep it short and concise and I believe that is obvious.

I have understood that the UK "approach" is rather different and certainly lengthier. I am not going to examine why this holds and what would happen in the case a UK student applied with this personal statement.

In the very end one could be very brief or write an essay-like personal statement and succeed in getting accepted into University. I just felt that writing something lengthy would probably distract and tire the person reviewing my application so I went for something and simple and up2date regarding my life...

Well written, short and an

Well written, short and an interesting read. It has given me some good ideas. Only wish I didn't have to 500 words. Thanks for sharing.

Thkx to gimme idea of writing

Thkx to gimme idea of writing a short personal statement but I suppose it cud be a little bit difficult for me to keep it short like that!


this personal statement is alright, and i can bet u that this dude did'nt copy it from anywhere, which i give credit to that.If anyone thinks its easy writting 'good' things about oneself, try it(by the way why are u looking at it)!!!!



its a bit short dont u think,

its a bit short dont u think, i swear it supposed ot be a page an more


short o not, details where very good. n only do inteeligent people understand the value of the sayin "quality not quantity".. well done

isnt there a minimum amount

isnt there a minimum amount of characters required. ie 4000 including spaces. that cant meet the requirement surely?


do you guy think i may have left it a bit late to be writting my personal statment

brilliant idea for a career,

brilliant idea for a career, i might just do the same. its quality not quantity!

Really good! and I agree

Really good! and I agree quality over quantity, that short piece is miles better than some of the crap I've seen on this site. I thought it was a nice touch slyly mentioning that you had pursued your course at the expense of other activities, showing your dedication.

mines better

mines better


Shaidur's a druggie


i love jahed

Mr Sly




listen yeh dats ment 2 b a personal statement dnt rite stupid comments.IDIOTS.The statement is good but 2 short add more.......

how long

ppl how long do ps have to b??? pls telll mee ish urgent



dis is goooooodddddbut shooooort

i love this statement

i love this statement

i love this statement

i love this statement

i love this statement

i love this statement

nt gd

ths statemnt is nt good at all... sory dude i hpe u wnt mnd....

I personal statement for

I personal statement for university should be twise as long as this, although, they do get the point across that they have a passion for the subject and goals for their career. The reader will no be able to tell much about the writer.

Good Work

Though it is short it carries his whole story and his passion for the subject so that is what is needed for entry to good universities so I would say Good Work my friend !!!

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