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From an early age I have always been interested in the way the business world operates among our everyday lives. Since starting my A levels, the complexities of the business industry have become more clear, the way it is forever changing and adapting to create more paths to success is a feature I can also apply to my own life. I realise that not just academic understanding is needed but motivation, creativity, hard work and calculated risks are what is needed to flourish.

Being able to study Business at A-level has allowed me to perceive the way companies operate to a much higher standard of understanding. I was highly interested throughout the whole of my A-level, but in particular I enjoyed the financial management unit, it allowed me to use my mathematical skills then use the data to evaluate a business situation. My keen interest and enjoyment in this unit has furthered me to pursue a career in the Business industry, possibly in a financial sector.

Being educated in Psychology has always been a major benefit in the business world whether it's working with customers or marketing a new product. Psychology has given me a greater understanding of how people influence organisations, as well as helping me understand business theories to a different level, such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I find that Psychology and Business compliment each other when both are fully understood and applied to real situations and companies.

Having worked with various companies it has been interesting to observe how a company operates from the inside and how they deal with both customers and staff. I took every opportunity to learn from the experience and feel it has given me a much more practical understanding of how a business functions. While I was at sixth form I participated in various activities and kept myself active. I have an open mind to many sports but I particularly love to play Basketball at any level. I also took part in sixth form coaching sessions for younger school players; this required me to provide structure, organisation and leadership whilst training them.

Through my gap year I'm planning to do some volunteer work abroad, I aim to gain a more open-minded view of other cultures and environments which could prove useful to my future ambitions and relationships. It has also given me time to thoroughly consider my goals and aspirations whilst keeping in mind what I'll enjoy studying the most. An Engineering degree was recommended as a good route to a career in the financial industry. However, I felt that Business Studies has always been a high interest of mine and I believe it's vital to enjoy a subject in order to achieve your full potential.

For a long time it has been an ambition of mine to have a Business related career, and to study at a University. Additionally, I look forward to the educational challenges I may come across as well as offering my various talents to the community. I will not only progress at a personal level but also become one step closer to laying the foundation for a successful business future.

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This personal statement was written by Max07 for application in 2009.

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I was happy with it, got an Unconditional from NTU.


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Sickkkk Siiiighh

That was equisite and awesome personal statement i have ever read.
i might use some of ur words. cheers :-)


your essay is pretty good...u dont use much of big words but very impressive...i like the flow as well and wish i can write one as your...anyway thx for ur essay.

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I really lyk the way u involved psychology into business and explained how these two complement each other. thankz mate. :)

well, It's an enrich

well, It's an enrich personnel statment. I would like to know more for how to write the personnel statement,do I need to concetrate on the jobs and experience that I had? Umm, do we need to give details for our experience in our career because some jobs that we have done were not related to our major?

decent man

decent man




This is one awesome blog post.Thanks Again. Will read on...


Thank you ever so for you blog article.Really thank you! Cool.

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