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Ever since an early age, I have constantly worked hard to strive and overcome challenges. This in turn influenced my passion for business. Business can be a risky and competitive industry, whilst on the other hand it can be profitable and rewarding. Considering both points, allowed me to take my decisive decision to extend my knowledge in depth and take a degree in university. Studying at degree level will allow me to develop and learn new skills which will have a positive impact on my chosen career in business.

I understand that marketing demands a fair degree of creative thinking and that it is a complex profession, requiring a broad understanding of technology, an awareness of how to analyse and understand data. I strongly believe I have such qualities and this will enable me to progress and establish an extra understanding of marketing in the business world.

I am currently studying a two year OCR National Diploma in Business. Finance, Human Resources, Strategic Management and Marketing are some of the units I have studied. I feel I have an excellent understanding in these units and an enthusiasm for more knowledge. I am confident in my ability to progress in business and keen further my education.

I have gained a valuable insight in the world of business.I have previously worked in two major retail outlets, where I developed excellent organisational and interpersonal skills, I understand the importance of professionalism in the work place and handing the day-to-day pressures. During in retail, I recognised how important it is to be able to work in a team and the value to a business of giving excellent customer service.

During my time in High School I captained the school's football team. This improved my leadership abilities as I learnt how to organise the team,I understood the importance of teamwork, encouraging the players and improving team morale and spirit. Whilst being captain, I always believed in a democratic process, giving individuals input in the team. My role was to bring their ideas together and make final decisions. Being captain made me gain an understanding of commitment to the team and help the team to reach and maintain winning ways.

I have been on various trips, one of which was a school trip to Egypt. It was an amazing experience, where I interacted with people from a different background. I was able to acknowledge and understand the values and norms of other cultures. This was thoroughly rewarding and this enabled me to have a deeper appreciation of diversity.

I have undertaken some volunteer work for a charity organisation called ICYE which stands for Inter Cultural Youth Exchange. During my time working with them, I was able to help raise money to give aid to the children in Somalia.

I am confident that I have potential to achieve an upper class degree that will greatly help me to pursue my career plans in Business. I am also determined to develop my knowledge in business as this area of work in particular is of interest to me. I strongly believe that I will be a very successful inidivual, therefore a place at university will allow me to achieve my aims and goals in life.

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This personal statement was written by aimar_piero for application in 2009.

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I got conditonal from nottingham trent, Kent, brighton and worcester. You all can use my personal statement to give everyone an idea i hope you lot like it! it was fun i guess when i did it! it's a headache doing it at the start but when your master piece is done i was happy!! haha


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