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To me being an ordinary employee is not satisfying. I believe I can get my hands fully into the projects and have a major influence on how they are implemented. Although I have a short but rewarding period of work experience, from the beginning I had my mind set to reach higher positions within industry and to be able to pursue this dream I am applying for the MSc Management course.
Please accept this letter and the accompanying CV as an expression of my interest in MSc Management course.

As my CV indicates, in June 2007, I was graduated with MEng in Mechanical Engineering. I was initially introduced to mechanical engineering by working in my father's Engineering and Construction Company involved with projects in Oil and Gas fields in south Iran. I demonstrated a commitment to continued education and improvement by applying for a degree in mechanical engineering in the following year. My father is the managing director of his own company and I was always encouraged by him to run his business alongside him at some point after I completed my studies. Recently, from various discussions with my father regarding his business I realized that the global economy plays a significant role in businesses' failure/success in Iran. With regards to the current political and economical sanctions, proper leadership and management can prevent any company from going bankrupt and failing in this country. This has convinced me to confirm my decision to study management in addition to my previous degree.

I also took a summer job in the Sales Department of a Stone Manufacturing Company and I was privileged to have the chance to take up some of the marketing and sales strategy tasks. I learnt the necessity of having efficient communication skills and dealing with different people.

I am currently working in M & E sector of Jacobs Engineering. During this time I have acquired a sound overall knowledge of leading edge engineering principle, tools and practices with emphasis on designing mechanical systems. However I feel the need to supplement my engineering skills with managerial expertise in order to achieve higher positions through out my career path.

Working on different projects such as being involved with design of a Baggage Transfer facility within Heathrow Airport (London) has given me the insight to how projects are executed. This particular project consists of different design teams from various sectors and companies incorporating different aspects of the project and liaising with each other. I worked very closely with the Project Lead, and in fact, I was challenged with some project management tasks. This has proven to me that I have managerial skills, although training and direction is essential in order to apply them appropriately.

My personal attributes include leadership and creativity as well as analytical and problem solving skills. I interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. Through out my degree and employment I have always managed to achieve project goals and I have brought quality work into timely and productive completion both in individual and teamwork assignments.

Determined to obtain recognition as a Chartered Professional Engineer, I am also very keen to express my interest in the Management (CEMS) Program. Being employed in a multi disciplinary company I have always wanted to be involved with the work within the Project Management sector. I am amazed that how easy some projects can lead into failure by dreadful project management. I learned from experience that project managers require having both technical knowledge and managerial skills to implement projects with high standards. I am confident that I could make significant contribution to any organization following my studies. I would bring preparation and experience as well as commitment in this course.

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This personal statement was written by mary.pary for application in 2009.


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