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Living in one of the most tourist attracted and rising country, United Arab Emirates, I learnt quickly as a child that business is required nearly everywhere and anywhere. I knew I had to become an entrepreneur or pursue some career in business when I made my first sale at the age of 14 by selling three Cell phones. Although the profit made was not relatively a lot but you could say I made up my mind on my future decision. Since my first sale, I’ve been frequently involved in business and along with my father and uncle; I took interest in my uncle’s property investment and have been a part of his business since then. I also started a small and short term business of used cars where I was making a small but consistent profit at the age of 16.
My past experiences in my own business made me pursue my AS and A levels in Business Studies and I.C.T in which I scored an A grade in both of them in AS level and B in A levels respectively. This led me towards my admission for the first semester in Bba transfer at American College of Dubai which hopefully will grant me some credits for my courses. Business Studies has always questioned me and drawn me towards it to find out more about the intriguing subject and how everyone’s life has business involved in it. Studying abroad in London was something that I always wanted; you could say this because I lived in London for three years when I was a child before moving to U.A.E and never visited since then. Another reason for studying in London School of Business and Finance was the excellent reputation UK has in the world as being the most popular and centered attraction for students along with the excellent qualified degrees that are awarded. I learnt about LSBF from a certain friend who went to study last year and convinced me that this is where I could obtain all the qualities and excellent degree I wanted
Besides my past experiences of my own sales, I’ve worked with many different companies which have helped me gain experience in many aspects of business but mainly in how advertising and sales are used for the success of a business. I’ve travelled to many countries alone in my recent years such as America, Canada, Australia and Amsterdam which has helped me learn how businesses differ in each country. Besides gaining a degree from your university, I hope to master the qualities that lead an entrepreneur towards success in a business career such as good communication skills, creativity, hard working and many more which I hope to learn along with excellent understanding of the world of business.

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This personal statement was written by zawaar for application in 2012.


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