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Logistics & SCM Personal Statement

During my time in second level education I was always drawn towards the practical side of life, committing to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Whilst practicing this sport I have achieved a bronze medal in the Dublin International Open of 2017 and competed in the British International Open. Due to my commitment and determination in this sport, I fulfilled a leadership role coaching young children once a week.

Receiving the role of mentor during fifth form also reflects the trust and confidence teachers bestowed upon me to lead younger years to a healthy academic life, especially in a boarding school where self-care is detrimental to scholastic and mental health.

My first year of university has taught me the importance of self-motivation and determination, balancing between my studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM), training, working, dealing with a personal health scare at the time and acting as a guardian towards my sibling, whilst both my parents are living abroad. During this time, I was able to receive 60 ECTS credits during my first year. This reflects my maturity towards all walks of life and my ability to balance life at home and at university.

My interest in Logistics started in my final year of secondary school where I had read an article on how IKEA had changed the logistical world through innovative ideas with the packaging of their “GLIMMA” candles in 1999. This had also made me realise that there is an enormous network constantly changing and evolving behind the scenes that the general public do not acknowledge. Logistics and SCM has always been more than a course or career path for myself, it is a way for me to give back and to make people feel more connected.

During my first-year studying Logistics and SCM at DIT, I had always brainstormed for new ideas and innovations to make public transport more inviting for commuters. My app for Dublin Bus and Irish Rail was the closest to coming into fruition, the app allowed the elderly and disabled to notify app users on the bus or train that there were people at the next stop in more need of a seat during peak hours. The satisfaction of being able to make a difference in people’s day to day lives is what drives my passion for Logistics and SCM. It was a relief, I was beginning to lose hope that I would never find a course I was passionate about.

I am also currently working towards a diploma in Pharmaceutical Handling issued by the International Air Transport Association that will aid me after my time at university. My father is a Medical Engineer, which combined with my interest in Logistics and SCM has led me to my goal of being able to start a company that can create secure and efficient networks to transport pharmaceuticals and medicinal equipment to third-world countries across the globe that are not able to acquire the equipment otherwise due to poor supply chains and network access.

I have always wanted to travel and live abroad, but I am also a very “homey” person due to my life with friends in Ireland, so the UK is the perfect place for me to study. The UK offers enough distance for me to let go of my responsibilities in Ireland and to focus on my studies but also close enough to visit my friends and feel close to home.

I am a committed, ambitious and dedicated individual. I am eager to work to the best of my abilities, if you choose to accept my application to your university. I will strive to reach my highest potential so that I can have a solid foundation that will direct me to a fulfilling career in a subject that I have a passion for.

I look forward to further my knowledge in Logistics and use this degree as a foundation to explore the world of business and to one day, reach my goal.

Applying to Aston University, University of Derby, Birmingham City University and University of Bolton.
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