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Academically, I have always been a very determined and studious individual, hence why I knew that a degree at university would be the definite next step. I have a broad interest in many subject areas yet feel drawn towards a law or business orientated degree.

With regards to Business, the reasoning behind my choice is the complex and intriguing nature of the subject. I particularly enjoy the way business so appropriately blends in with everyday issues.

Since taking the subject at A-Level my interest has grown and matured and I am able to view many businesses analytically and make suggestions regarding possible improvements.

Law is an area which has interested me from an early age. I enjoy extensive reading and recognise that this is essential in studying law. I consider myself to be well suited to a career in law as I pay much attention to detail and take pleasure in undergoing work which raises social issues in today’s society and requires the skill to manipulate evidence and present persuasive arguments.

I also believe that the psychology A-Level I have has aided me in observing the actions of others and how their opinions and memories are influenced by external factors. This area of work requires much confidence which I believe I posses and can use to my advantage in order to gain recognition in this competitive field of work.

My work experience is very broad due to a variety of positions I have held in differentiating working environments. My experience working for Royal Worchester & Spode in the Debenhams’ department store has been the most influential.

The up-market company requires a confidant disposition from a Sales Advisor such as myself and a proficient memory in order to ensure product knowledge is to an optimum standard. I was also given the responsibility to train a new employee which displays the high degree of trust my employers have for me.

My educational experiences have been of great use to me from a position of form captain in Secondary School to aiding the organisation of mass celebrations in College. Responsibilities such as these have helped me to mature and take my positions seriously so that I am respected by staff.

My position of English Prefect in Year 11 required a large portion of my time as I was in charge of aiding the entire English department.

My interest in the Italian language has also led me to have an article I wrote regarding the exploitation of women on Italian Television published in ‘L’Italiano’ newspaper, to which I was very content to have my views expressed.

During Secondary School I also attended evening Italian classes where I was presented with ‘The Student of the Year Award’ due to my excellent standard of work.

The class required me to organise my time efficiently so that other schoolwork did not suffer as a result of my extra GCSE. As a result of these classes and of my Italian parents I now speak the language fluently.

Sport and leisure also interests me and during college I decided to use this interest to do charity work for RNIB where I raised £250 and abseiled 120ft down Westminster University.

I played Netball for the Harrow Netball Team and competed in the OGI UK Games for the Harrow and Wembley team where I was awarded several trophies and a gold and bronze medal for long jump and javelin.

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Very impressive

Very impressive

i thought the point was to

i thought the point was to give the best possible impression of yourself and so dont take any notice of people saying you sound like you love yourself! it is a dificult thing to do and so well done!

very well written - seem very

very well written - seem very talented - good work! ;)

i thought it was brill! thnx

i thought it was brill! thnx who eva u r cos this has helped me loads, i now hav an idea of the layout, etc. i can get on and do mine now!

i have found it very helpful.

i have found it very helpful.

Fine other than self

Fine other than self obsession.

thank you very much

this personal staement says it all, and i am confident enough to say my chosen universities are going to be impressed with this ps.

very good personal statement

very good personal statement ignore the self obsession part they will have copied it. personal statements are all about selling yourself and thats what u have done. if u had wrote about ur looks and what colour eyes you have then yeh self obsessed but u didnt, it helped me as Im going to stude law and business its always good to read what someone else writes. good luck for whatever u may do in the future.

Well done! impressive... i

Well done! impressive... i shall now caryy on 'improving' your PS and hand it in. im very greatful... :)

Really Good

Really Good

Jane's pensive...

A very enjoyable personal statement, a pleasure to read! I especially enjoyed reading the range of qualtities this candidate possessed. One suggestion i would make is to format the text in such a way that emphasises the key poitns, eg: by emboldening phrases like "Student the Year. Overall, i felt this statement created an excellent impression. Good luck!!!xx

Very helpful, thank you -

Very helpful, thank you - whoever said the author was blowing their own trumpet, maybe you should read some of the other ones on here, this one seems to have by far the least amount of bs in it...

This is probably one of the

This is probably one of the most impressive pieces of written work i have ever read, I was looking very hard, in finding a personal statement that relates to what i am doing, I also want to study Business law, and you have helped me more than u can imagine, thank u very much and good work

excellent wk

very well structured and organised. you know want you want and went for it straight, well done. ooh and thanks coz ur easy's helped me lots. bless u


Very well thought of and well stuctered. Found it it time to finish my p.s.

I am extremely shocked at the

I am extremely shocked at the lack of intelligence given from fellow readers of this statement, surely the whole reson for a personal statement is to be self obsessed after all who will if we do not?

whoever said this dude was

whoever said this dude was blowing their own trumpet really should think twice b4 posting such a stupid comment next time. Quality persoanal statement, one which has helped me a great deal. Cheers.

It's a good but not a great

It's a good but not a great personal statement; I think it ends a bit abruptly and that you could take some time just to 'round' it off. Otherwise I think it fully represents the individual you are, which is the key point of a personal statement.



A very good personal

A very good personal statement!!!

that's what I am looking for

thank you very much!It's really a good sample for study.

your an achiever

well done.


you know what all of you?
mentioning you speak another lang is actually very relevant and no 'not everyone' can. i dont think your french gcse really qualifies!
with a greater mesh of international backgrounds and relations in the modern world, speaking another language is very very useful and should be mentioned in a ps, so dont 'so what' it.
as said, doing lang gcse is different opposed to attaining fluency.
i speak spanish, portuguese, italian and arabic.
can you say that?
this ps is good.

too much self obsessed

too much self obsessed

its funny how everyone thinks

its funny how everyone thinks of bad things to say. why dont we all take a look at and start criticising YOUR personal statement???

The personal statement is a

The personal statement is a way of 'selling' or 'marketing' yourself to universities who can only form an opinion of you on paper. This person has sold him/herself efficiently, I fail to see the 'too self-obsessed' section. The writer does not say 'I speak Italian better than anybody' or 'I was always the best in every sport'. This person wrote an excellent personal statement and I believe you 'critics' should respect that- well done =)


You had Italian parents but couldn't speak italian fluent prior to studying the GCSE? Shame...

Other than that, a well structured personal statement =).

Agree with others, really

Agree with others, really impresive and helpful. but regarding one's comment said if not being self-obsessed, how would the applicant impresses the decider? what if i seriously am not in love with myself now, and hope the learning opportunity would somewhat lead my life to a better direction. I can't sell myself that confidently coz i know im not that perfect. does that mean i dont have a chance

I dont think this persons

I dont think this persons self obsessed, hes just trying to show how valuble his exp has been and how much he appreciates it. A good ps, good luck and always make most of your exp in life, only way to learn...

Several good elements

When discussing your employment you don't articulate your words to a high standard. To rephrase this paragraph, you could of perhaps said...Working for such a reputable store requires a sales person of a confident disposition...etc.

i find it rather disturbing

i find it rather disturbing how mean people can be while commenting on someone's paper. Honestly, it doesn't boost the self esteem of those who have just send their ps to their desired universities. Personally, this statement is of very good quality and contains everything a good PS should ;)

okay I was more impressed by

okay I was more impressed by what you have done rather than the way in which you have written it; however, that isn't to say that it was not a fantastic ps. People, please, stop striving to find errors and make silly little digs - just learn from it.

can i copy and paste this or

can i copy and paste this or will i get caught

Yeah,thats great, but what if

Yeah,thats great, but what if you havent won a load of awards?

Ho Yen Nelson Mandella

Ho Yen Nelson Mandella

One time, Richard Thompson

One time, Richard Thompson tried to kiss me, and i let him!!

emmm, really funny p.beaty

emmm, really funny p.beaty secterian comments

This is a brilliant personal

This is a brilliant personal statement and i love it, its absolutely amazing, spectacular, completely sensational

your a cheif!

your a cheif!

Absolutely Great!

An excellent personal statement, i am very impressed!

very good

found it very helpful well done seems like your a bright spark..thanks

it is by far the best

it is by far the best personal statement i have read very well presented. thanks alot

I think it was a very well

I think it was a very well structured personal statement, Anyone who calls it self obsesssed is stupid. How are you meant to impress someone if you dont write about yourself. You showed off your qualities and all i can say is well done to you and i hope you do well in life.


that was by far one one the best personal statments that i have eva read wt uni did u get into. You are clearly very determined to do law just liek me my passion for it is beyond like or love. thankyou for ur help it sure helped me xxx lushi

dude this stuff is good

dude this stuff is good

does this personal statement

does this personal statement actually want to conclude itself.

i like ur ego.


yes mush this personal statement is bare off the hook!

peace out!

Really is very impressive.

Really is very impressive. Its really good practice to model this personal statement. thanks.

Sounds like a resume, not a

Sounds like a resume, not a personal statement!

I agree that it's too much

I agree that it's too much like a resume. Choose one specific thing that you want to go into detail about. Remember that the admissions staff will have a copy of your resume too.

Listing too many things takes away the power that the statement should have.


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