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Hello! I'm a student of Production Engineering: Marketing and Management and Production Management. During tha last 3 years I gained a lot of experience in the field of production. I was taking part in many presentations made by older students at our University. It would be a good opportunity to learn some new information about Total Quality Control, Quality Measurement Methodologies. I've a background in the vocabulary-I was preparing a presentation(Quality Management) for foreign students, who visited our University last year. I'm able to talk fluently not only about production but also about other more interesting things:) Last summer I met in the USA a Greek family, those people were fantastic! Visiting Greece will give the opportunity to meet more Greeks! I've never been to Greece and I really want to get to that country to learn more about their great culture, to taste the original Greek food (my favourite olives nad the Greek salad...), to see the beautiful beaches at the Mediterranean island of Crete, which I know only from Dicovery channel and books. It would be a pleasure for me to represent Poland in front of other students

I'm an easy-going person, I do really enjoy making new international friends (I have already made few during my last summer in the USA)

I'm talkative (but when it is necessary I can be quiet), open-minded, I'm not afraid of new challenges. I like travelling, visiting new places, I'm keen in politics, cultures, psychology. I'm open for every kind of music and I love dancing. I'm a remarkably tolerant person. I can easily find my feet in a new situation, it's not a problem for me to establish new contacts with foreign people.

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Wow!!! This is amazing!!!!

Wow!!! This is amazing!!!! Which colour olives is it that u most prefer? Good luck being a bin man!!!


this is a great personal statement, how did u come up with the structure, using the last two paragraphs to evaluate ur life, i will definetly b taking a note out of ur book m8, thanks a lot for all ur help, u r a legend..........NOT


wow..i did like this one lol.
its rated two stars !? but the hello just started it all wrong ha

hi, i m also a student of

hi, i m also a student of production engg, can u plz tell me the scope of it n afer doing production engg i want to start my own business in steel fabrication, in what way the study of production engg will help me....??

your a retard

your a retard


Appreciate you sharing, great article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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