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Business has become one of the most important aspects of our life and from my perspective it has more influence on our world than any other disciplines. Business is what I want to do study to degree level because I am naturally passionate about it. For some people working in business is just a substance of money, for me it is a matter of passion, desire and drive to succeed. The way business is controlled and organised motivates me to learn more and more about it.

My IFD course and wider reading have helped me to understand business in more depth and have given me the best possible background to tackle various problems. This course have helped me to accomplish various business disciplines, motivation theories, the concept and development of business, marketing and accounting .I have been inspired by various reasons to study business to a higher level, including my father who is a successful businessman. I believe this has given me an honest insight into the world of business. The areas of business that interest me the most are operations of business, management resources and accounting. I have read many books about business. One of the most influential books that have influenced on my understanding of business concepts are Guide to College Resource and Financial Management” by Bob Lawrence, “How to sell yourself “and “How to close every sale” by Joe Girard. One of his main concepts is that successful business is not simply about making money, but also about job satisfaction, which is something I while-heartily agree with.

Business management in the academic world and the implementation of business in practise are different aspects of contextual understanding. I have accomplished this theoretical understudying from the position that I have now, working par time in as a sales man. There is a strong sense of community at work were I have build leadership skills, accomplished many sales techniques and established myself as a true sales man, which I appreciate. Creative thinking, problem solving having a true leader skill is an essential pack of skills that I am generating from day business life.

I am looking forward to studying business further to develop my knowledge and understanding of financial aspects of the business, business management and financial accounting. My ICT skills are already developed as a part of my IFD course, which helped me to develop my business skills. I am looking forward to the challenge offered in studying Business. I am driven to succeed and keen to make the most of every opportunity.

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This personal statement was written by boris for application in 2007.

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I haven’t yet finished this personal statement but I have tried to tell you about how passionate and driven I am about learning business in the future.


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relly good

he showed that he relly cears about business and the pasion that he has for it


woow this a wicked statement

GREAT! It's really good

GREAT! It's really good

I agree with the guy that

I agree with the guy that said you have to talk more about yourself! I mean he's right, you have just shown your love and passion with business, nothing else!

I don't think you need to

I don't think you need to state that you're 'looking forward to taking business management' as you could easily guess that from the statement. Hobbies and interests should come into it too - unless of course you don't have any.

seriously? you guys arent

seriously? you guys arent giving him any constructive criticism at all!well done! he said it wasnt finished!

Actually, I think it was good

Actually, I think it was good,but I wanna add that you really forgot about yourself. You just told about your father`s achievements. Good luck.

this is sick.

this is sick.

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