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I will not let the difficult times we are all facing weaken my intentions to seek a better education for my future. I will not become complacent. I choose to remain proactive and ambitious to be better prepared for the future.

After traveling to London last year, I realized that it is a city of opportunities for young adults. The university has in place strategies to integrate students from outside the UK, both on the campus and in the business market, which you do not see in other countries. Combined with excellent facilities and the proximity to the historic financial district of Canary Wharf, I can only imagine what network opportunities are up for grabs, establishing the your university as front runner to pursue my studies

When considering a business degree, I took into account which of my translation undergraduate training expertise could be transferable to this field. Technical-Scientific Translation Practice units prepared me to be rigorous in order to avoid mistakes and be competitive in a demanding industry, and this required me to create methodologies to work faster and more effectively. Business and Commercial Translation Practice contributed to my growing interest in business studies as I gathered insights on how companies operate at the same time it motivated me to do independent research on the topics that were discussed. It also trained me to cope with pressure from clients that want the work done for yesterday.

Taking part in your International Business Management will be crucial for my understanding of the ins and outs of the global business world. I look forward to the units such as Markets and Marketing in a Digital World because these subjects are up to date with companies that need to keep up with customer consumption behaviours changes to be competitive in growing markets.

During the undergraduate, I was involved in projects as vice-president, where I was responsible for coordinating a group of multicultural students in academic-related activities where it was demanded to plan events, assure they were properly carried out,
and delegate tasks to the capable individuals. The goal was their integration in the academic environment and promote inclusion in the university. This experience enhanced my organisational and leadership attributes. A dynamic I enjoyed being a part of and will seek to encounter in your university.

In terms of extracurricular activities, I am interested in your IT Society because there is a significant Information technology component in translation represented primarily by computer-assisted tools (CAT), which, is the software used to aid translators in their day to day activity, or none professionals for example: “Google Translate”, a subject which represents the future of the field. Learning new software always excites me, and those events and activities will only contribute to that.

After I finished my degree, I moved to Luxembourg, where I came across a multicultural reality I have never experienced before. The following months were filled by helping run my mother’s child care. Handling the elaboration of contracts, weekly schedules, assuring correct billing, in line with the ministry of education authorities guidelines, and also communicating with the parents who were from different nationalities, therefore, speaking different languages.

Knowing three different languages helped me in this exchange. This experience inspires me to understand further how these types of interactions work on a bigger scale, and your human resources modules would be ideal to obtain that information.

At the same time, I started working as a freelance translator. It helped me understand the importance of networking and creating strong business relations that are strengthened by hard work, commitment, punctuality, availability, and results.

I am confident I will have success in this masters because I do not expect anything to come easy, nonetheless, I am eager to be immersed in business studies, utilize every ability at my disposal to be of value to any company that my skillset is suitable for and continue to strive as I gather the information and gain experience to create my translation company, knowing that attending your university is the right first step.

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