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My interest in economics, business, finance and banking has been long standing as I am interested in how important decisions within these fields have everyday affects. I feel I have a sound and enthusiastic response to this aspect. I am currently studying Economics at 'A' level, in which I have learnt in theory and through demand and supply analysis, how the economy works. This has encouraged me to use these theories in practical application. Sociology has sharpened my ability to analyse information in depth, as well as my interpersonal skills, both of which are vital for management. Sociology has also helped me appreciate people's differing needs, which I see as an important feature of business. The content of the courses I have studied at 'A' level such as Mathematics, I feel, complement my choice of degree

As part of a Work Experience programme, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity of shadowing the Finance Director of a growing fashion company and was given a virtual tour on the financial aspects of the company. I attended seminars and Board meetings and gained insight into decision making. I also helped to organise an exhibition at Earl's Court. I also attended a placement at the Head Office of Norwood Ravenswood, a large Charitable Trust. My time had been divided between various departments from Fund Raising to Finance

Active participation in extra-curricular activities has taken up further time. I helped to organise and promote various events at some of London's most regarded venues, which involved raising capital through investment and planning advertisement strategies. Through this I was able to acquaint with a range of different people. I find great satisfaction in helping others that has led me to contribute to many charity events, as well as working at The Cancer Research Campaign charity shop on a voluntary basis

I have also travelled to many countries, including America, India and Kenya, which has broadened my knowledge and awareness of other cultures. I have a strong passion for music. Furthermore, the presentation of a radio show gave me a chance to interact with the whole of London, which enhanced my communication skills. In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit and much of my spare time is spent at the gym. I also enjoy playing football and play on a regular basis for a 5-a-side team.

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I'm having a hard time.

I'm currently studying BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts Extended Diploma and I'm having a hard time on how to make a personal statement on Business Management for University, what should I be talking about and shouldn't?

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wajid is gay

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