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As a witness to the global financial crises, I was struck by the importance and relevance of organisational management. I first applied bookkeeping and devised marketing plans for my mother’s business at the age of twelve. Naturally inquisitive, little did I realise I had come across some basics of Management.

The Accounting transactions complement the workings of Economic decisions which, I learn, impacts the mechanisms of firms and governments. The challenge of decision making and my love for numbers convinced me to pursue Management.

The rarity of these subjects, fused with Mathematics, creates a dynamic I find captivating. Data analysis has improved my understanding of real-life businesses in how they make effective and efficient decisions.

Participating in many international competitions reflects my thirst to test my analytical skills and logical thinking. It shows me where I stand in comparison to peers in Southeast Asia.

I gained two Distinctions in the ICAS Australian English Competition and the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute Quiz. Achieving four Distinctions in the Westpac Australian Mathematics Competition fuelled my motivation to succeed.

Due to my perpetual interest in finance, I joined the National LiveWIRE Business Awards in 2009. I learnt how to use accounting software to produce a business plan. The program put me in the shoes of a strategist where I measured the returns and risks of a firm’s business decisions.

The benefit gained was learning heuristics, a method highly likely to find solutions to non-routine problems in Management. I keep myself abreast of news about the ongoing financial crisis which has led to bank bailouts and bankruptcy as articulated by the Financial Times and other newspapers on-line.

Reading Tutor2u Economics and Econhelp on-line kept me debating the how’s and why’s of economic issues in class. As an avid reader, books like Freakonomics have held me captive and deepened my thinking beyond the syllabus.

As Treasurer for my college’s Student Council, I am in charge of collecting funds and handling accounts. From our involvement in managing entrepreneurship activities and school events, such as leadership camps and anti-drugs carnivals, I learnt to prioritise tasks and collaborate with others, working within a time limit.

My work experience was at the Special Education Unit involving special needs children. Other than being able to observe how the organisation was run, I was emotionally impacted by the lives of these children who taught me tolerance.

Despite my busy schedule I still have time for my commitments and interests. I was inclined to do self-access learning to make various web layouts. By learning basic HTML programming I understand IT more and how it complements the efficient workings of Management.

Moreover, a class visit to the Ministry of Finance left me intrigued by its system of effective governance enriched by IT. Competitively athletic, I enjoy being a part of a winning track team and cross country running.

In 2009 I represented Brunei at a youth camp in Singapore. The programme fostered strong ties among Asian countries via cultural, physical and mental activities.

The experience enhanced my public speaking skills to Asian ambassadors and student delegates during the cultural expo. My leadership skills improved specially when guiding the delegates in activities at the Outward Bound Singapore.

Currently waiting for my exam results, I hope to work part-time at a bank in Brunei. The excellent facilities and staff provided at a UK university will greatly enhance my mental, physical and interpersonal skills devoted to the pursuit of a Management course.

I aspire to build Brunei as an Islamic financial hub. My future goal is to further my studies in Islamic Financial Management by first living in the home to the biggest financial centre in the world.

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This personal statement was written by chariley for application in 2011.

BA Management Studies at University of Leicester

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Managed to secure FOUR unconditional offers (I left out the fifth because I applied for the wrong course - something to do with IT and Java - at that university).

It's a shame though - could've gotten a try with LSE or Warwick but nevertheless, I'm thankful. :)


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