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My motivation to study Accounting /Information Business at degree level develops from my enjoyment from the single Business Studies at AS, currently converted into a double award at A2. For me, Business Studies has proved to be a fascinating subject, one that offers unlimited professional opportunities. My coursework case studies of both Norwich Union and Zenith Conservatories have given me an insight into complexities involved in operating such varied businesses, which I have found most intriguing, particularly those which relate to any financial considerations. Studying these business subjects at degree level will allow me to explore, in depth, a range of stimulating and interdisciplinary topics which I feel will give me a broader understanding towards the theories and practices of management in different organisations in relation to a Financial/Information environment

At school, I have participated in many fund raising events, open days and further education fairs. I regularly collect for Save the Children charity and have subsequently become a member. Extra curricular activities have incorporated drama productions of Grease, the promotion of the School production of West Side Story as part of my Marketing unit and a heavy involvement in the preparation and publishing of our year 11 yearbook. These were demanding tasks, which included budgeting our costs and materials to keep within a specific price limit. Although it was tough, I found it extremely satisfying, especially after seeing the final results. My AS Business course has given me an understanding of organisations as a whole, but experiences such as working on the Year book and duties in my part time job has allowed me to expand my knowledge and consciousness of such financial topics. My ICT skills have developed highly through doing Vocational A levels, which I feel is invaluable in the Business field. The main thing I have learnt is that for all businesses, financial matters are imperative; it is the core of any organisation and being knowledgeable in such issues attracts me

My communication skills have been enhanced through my part time employment with River Island. My promotion to weekend footwear manager is developing knowledge of financial record keeping, problem solving, meeting weekly sales targets and teamwork awareness, which I feel can be used and put into practice whilst studying my preferred degree course

From the age of seven I attended a Bury St Edmunds Gymnastics club and competed at County, Regional and National levels. The feeling that I got when I played a role within the team to gain the gold medal was amazing, equal to the feeling when I achieved an individual gold medal as the top National around competitor. The realisation of how important managing school work with a hobby which was not only physically demanding, but emotionally challenging has given me a understanding of how to be realistic, a skill which is valuable when planning certain business strategies

I believe that during my sixth form studies I have grown in both confidence and maturity, preparing me for the opportunity to study at university. My choice of AS and A levels, along with other academic and personal achievements have helped to consolidate and support my desire to study Business at degree level. I believe that I will be fully committed to successfully completing Accountancy /Information Business related degree and relish in any opportunities which are given to help me achieve my aspirations in a business related career.

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