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Adolescent years has opened up the bigger picture, you acquire new skills, make important choices and improve dexterity. As a person things change, mostly for the better. But it’s the desires and the goals that really drive me as a person, studying business is just one of them. Sixth form options inclined me to pick two business related subjects, one being business itself and the other being economics which to some extent go hand in hand. ICT also benefits business because almost every successful business uses technology and without an understanding of ICT systems there may be areas of business myself and others can miss out on. Business is real, it’s there and every person relies on it every day and some people have the desire to know how or be a part of business. My personal interest lies in the core of business itself, to learn what is necessary and maybe one day to be able to run one myself.

This business course allows me to perfectly integrate learning with real life application, it shows me how to use one's ideas and along whilst looking and creating a business venture. But a business venture can lie in multiple areas, it can be individual to the person and one of which is another personal interest of mine, games development. The video games market is one of the fasting growing markets in the world, the opportunity to thrive is there for the taking. When i was sat in year 7 ICT looking at the jobs the subject could take me, games developer caught my eye. It’s a way to express your ideas, feelings and abilities and put them into something you and others will enjoy. Millions of people will have access to your games, something you put time and effort in to and watching others get joy out of your creation is a fascination and a feeling only a few in their lifetime get to experience.

It’s not just about why you’re right for the course but why you’re right for the university. I believe it has to be built on desire, if the university can support your desire and drive then it’s perfect for you. The next question comes to mind is why one would be perfect for it. School has allowed me to grow as a person and it’s given me something to work towards but besides grades I have acquired skills and knowledge which will help me through life. The skill of listening and understanding is something that goes unnoticed but is very important. School is probably the biggest factor in enforcing this, in life it means you know when to speak and to give others the chance to speak. In the workplace this is especially important, it means you can listen, follow instructions clearly and as a result improving efficiency, minimizing the room for error. School also builds your confidence, this can be in social or work situations and confidence leads on to what i believe to be one the most important skill one could have, team-work.

Without it we’d still be using spears for weapons and slate to write on. Teamwork allows you to progress at life, others can provide you with knowledge and help in situations that was deemed impossible before. These are skills that get overlooked but the acquisition of these has put me in a position and without them I probably wouldn’t be applying for university. With me you get drive, determination and out of the box thinking, i’m a student that will help myself as well as helping others so we can progress together because a class of strong students is better than just one.

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This is a first draft and would like to know peoples thoughts on this.

It's for two subjects, business and games development.


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