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To be a top notch management cum logistical personnel, with wide range of knowledge in business management in all ramifications is my main goal. Managing resources, both human and materials today in this fast rising and expanding business world has taking a different dimension, with the introduction of e-business and other new innovative mechanism of transaction in the field of purchasing, procurement, production and industries has brought about a competitive playing ground, which require one to consistently update his knowledge and skills to be relevant in his chosen career path.

With my academic background in economics as a first degree, understanding the variables of the market mechanism and other applied reasoning, I had the opportunity to have a feel of the banking industry, during the one year mandatory national youth service corps programme upon my graduation, where I served with the first bank of Nigeria Plc. During this period I worked with several departments of the banking operations office vis a vis: Administrative, foreign operation, customer service and cash office respectively doing minimum of two months with each of the department, the experience really enhance my knowledge of the financial sector, preparing me for the task in the outside world, while discharging duties here, I was discover by an expatriate of a civil engineering firm PW Nigeria Ltd, a company that later become my first working place in the real world two months later i.e. Life after school.

Working with PW Nig. Ltd., is an experience that will remains unforgettable in my memory, drafted to a site where a forty two kilometer road project was being executed. As the site cashier, I was tasked with managing of the petty cash of the site as well as others, such as onsite settlement of suppliers/sub contractors, payment of compensation to the locals, life camp maintenance and so on; here I realized the importance of managerial skills. Where I need to interact with the indigenes making them understand the economic importance of the project and the direct long run benefits and value of the projects in their immediate life. I also enjoy the opportunities of having had to interact with people of different nationalities and background by working directly with them. All these require vast managerial skills and dexterity.

I progressed to Alkolaq Intercontinental Ltd from PW Nig Ltd, a firm that is into importation and exportation of herbal and nutritional supplements. I assume the post of logistics officer tasked with taking stocks, inventory and data management of the firm's. I was faced with the challenges of merging figures, items and consults, consequently, I came out with the required and accurate details to determine how the firm is fairing, both within the domestic and international markets, our operations with the foreign partners were captured by my department. While with the logistics department here, I brokered the pact that turn the company into a production firm which in turn reduce reliance on imported items thereby boosting the turnover of the firm. After which I moved on to Impasse Technologies Ltd.

Impasse Technologies Ltd, an engineering firm that is into power solution and shelter (steel and isothermal) production. Here, I am able to prove my prowess and zeal to learn more about the trade and techniques in the field of procurement, logistics and supply chain management. As the stock/logistics officer, I build an operational framework for the materials and products movement to and fro the company; thereby an accountable inflow of inputs and outflow of outputs, while liaising with suppliers on reduction in rates and on time deliveries, also among my duties is project progress monitoring, all these experiences and the quest to be an icon in my field of practice spurt my interest to pursue MA in management.

It has always be my dream to be a philanthropist, reason why, as soon as I have the opportunity to give back to the society, I have been giving ten percent of my earnings. Reinvesting in terms of human development and considerations of social responsibilities. Whereby I have consistently given my support to an organization that is into educating and welfare of children with down syndrome.

These and the zeal to excel are paramount on my mind, that makes me to decide that on completion of my study at Westminster University, I will gladly embrace the opportunity to serve and contribute my quota to my country and impact my acquired knowledge, skills and wherewithal to the benefit of my family and my society at large. So help me God.

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This personal statement was written by Olly for application in 2000.


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