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While studying Performing Arts at Lambeth College, I developed an interest in business related subjects which were: Starting work in the Performing Arts and Financial Management, during the course I had lots of paperwork and practical work.

The paperwork consisted in writing plans, contracts, to write about different tips of jobs within the Performing Arts and whether they were employed or self-employed, the practical work consisted basically in interviews and group debates where I would be assessed in group and in individual work. As well I would always have to keep a logbook updated, which wasn't difficult for me as I am a very organized person.

The degree I would like to study while at University is Business Studies perhaps combined whit language, as I consider myself bilingual in two main languages and basic in a third language. The main languages I have are Portuguese my mother language and English my second language, as the third language I have is French which in future I would love to develop and be bilingual two.
The reason why I wish to combine these particular subjects it's because in my point of view nowadays business around the world is very competitive, as the business itself is expanding and the future generation, like me will have better resources around technology and languages.

My interests and ambitions involve learning new things everyday such as learning about different cultures and their lifestyles, as I enjoy reading about different areas and subjects. In future I have a big interest in learning more languages and improve the ones I already know. My greatest ambition is to continue my studies and achieve a degree in Business Studies. As an individual I consider myself friendly, honest, punctual, cooperative and very good with team work.

I have a two week Diploma from a summer course in drama in June 2005, which helped me building up my confidence and to learn more about the Performing Arts and the Business At the moment I'm working at Nandos Restaurant as a trainee to develop and improve my team work and my personal effectiveness. In my free time I enjoy reading, keep updated with the news around the world, I enjoy going out with my friends and go to the cinema.

When I finish studying my degree I intend to work in the U.K. and overseas, because of my language skills I will be able to speak and write in different languages. And it's never too late to learn, enjoy the student life and share your experience with others. I consider doing this degree a big challenge for me as an individual, as I still have a lot to learn and to offer to others and to my future.

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This personal statement was written by danokas for application in 2007.


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poor naive thing

poor naive thing

if this person wants to do

if this person wants to do what he/she wants to do then yOur opinion don't count!!!!!!!!!

You need to avoid using the

You need to avoid using the same words in sentences too close together such as "languages" and "learning"

What universities did u get

What universities did u get accepted to? and what did u apply for?

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