Business & Law Personal Statement

Academically, I have always been a very determined and studious individual, hence why I knew that a degree at university would be the definite next step. I have a broad interest in many subject areas yet feel drawn towards a law or business orientated degree.

With regards to Business, the reasoning behind my choice is the complex and intriguing nature of the subject. I particularly enjoy the way business so appropriately blends in with everyday issues.

Since taking the subject at A-Level my interest has grown and matured and I am able to view many businesses analytically and make suggestions regarding possible improvements.

Law is an area which has interested me from an early age. I enjoy extensive reading and recognise that this is essential in studying law. I consider myself to be well suited to a career in law as I pay much attention to detail and take pleasure in undergoing work which raises social issues in today’s society and requires the skill to manipulate evidence and present persuasive arguments.

I also believe that the psychology A-Level I have has aided me in observing the actions of others and how their opinions and memories are influenced by external factors. This area of work requires much confidence which I believe I posses and can use to my advantage in order to gain recognition in this competitive field of work.

My work experience is very broad due to a variety of positions I have held in differentiating working environments. My experience working for Royal Worchester & Spode in the Debenhams’ department store has been the most influential.

The up-market company requires a confidant disposition from a Sales Advisor such as myself and a proficient memory in order to ensure product knowledge is to an optimum standard. I was also given the responsibility to train a new employee which displays the high degree of trust my employers have for me.

My educational experiences have been of great use to me from a position of form captain in Secondary School to aiding the organisation of mass celebrations in College. Responsibilities such as these have helped me to mature and take my positions seriously so that I am respected by staff.

My position of English Prefect in Year 11 required a large portion of my time as I was in charge of aiding the entire English department.

My interest in the Italian language has also led me to have an article I wrote regarding the exploitation of women on Italian Television published in ‘L’Italiano’ newspaper, to which I was very content to have my views expressed.

During Secondary School I also attended evening Italian classes where I was presented with ‘The Student of the Year Award’ due to my excellent standard of work.

The class required me to organise my time efficiently so that other schoolwork did not suffer as a result of my extra GCSE. As a result of these classes and of my Italian parents I now speak the language fluently.

Sport and leisure also interests me and during college I decided to use this interest to do charity work for RNIB where I raised £250 and abseiled 120ft down Westminster University.

I played Netball for the Harrow Netball Team and competed in the OGI UK Games for the Harrow and Wembley team where I was awarded several trophies and a gold and bronze medal for long jump and javelin.

Year applied: 


You can't be a master of everything

You have done a good and a wanderful job and you need to be proud off yourself, but you have to talk to the benefit of your national rather than yourself!
A welldone and keep it up.


The question you

The question you have a social life...or a life at all? Because afterall universities also look for people who have the ability to socialise with others and also look for people who appear to balance both working and social lives appropriately. All i can see from this is that you strive so much to gain such brilliant achievements (which i cannot deny) but it doesn't shout at me as showing that you do very much else with your life ?

Very confident individual.

Very confident individual. should help you stand out from the rest. well done!

Very good, flashy and

Very good, flashy and straightforward! : )

my question is how long is the personal statment meant to be a page 2 pages or more

Can I just say.. will all you

Can I just say.. will all you people stop saying how "obsessed" this pupil is with his/herself? It is a personal statement; the clue is in the title. What else are we meant to write about? I think this is an excellent piece of work, well written and you sound like a very well-rounded and intelligent individual.

glenn, 6th upper student

i think its ridiculous, the idiots compaining about this persons attempt to make themselves sound good. that is the whole point of personal statements, to make urself sound as intelligent, confident, experienced and eager as possible, so FU! lol

I think the PS was

I think the PS was exceptional apart from the conclusion which together with the intro is extremely important. I feel you should have ended the same way you began.

Details are great but I don't

Details are great but I don't think it's a great idea when you keep repeating words like "excellent" about yourself.
A bit too self-obsessed I presume?

Business and law

sorry ut i think tat this was not tat gud nd soz ut i no u sud sell urself but u kept saying the same things over and over again but well done anyways

hey this is a really good

hey this is a really good personal statement, best one that i have come across, anyways i wanted to ask if i can use this for my UCAS application but edit it abit as i want to do business and law course at uni???

brill !

brill !

Brilliant i dont think ur

Brilliant i dont think ur gona read my comment after all them u have bt great work it helped me alot. gud luk!

this is so bloody good!

this is so bloody good!

how is this not 5 stars?!

how is this not 5 stars?!


i love your personal statment im going to copy it exactly!


I am sorry to sound so intently rude, but having read your statement a number of times in the tub this morning, where i do my best thinking, i deiscovered that you are the most self obsessed person i have ever come across in my life. Might i suggest a little lowering of your 'love' or for want of a better word of yourself, maybe then boys might find you attractive and you will manage to engage yourself with other people, this is what we call on earth a social life.

all my love and kisses,
your only friend, well i only had sex with you once


Well it all seemed way too

Well it all seemed way too self absorbed and conceited....then you mentioned 'Harrow'.
Makes perfect sense now.


I thought this was rather nicely written, except for the end part, which ended fairly abruptly.

I thought you could have further developed your points and strengthened the links between your achievements in relation to your suitability as a law/biz school candidate. A laundry list doesn't do much, explain! :)

This is amazing, a have to

This is amazing, a have to try very hard not to copy as this is me lol

marvoulous!!!! =]

It was a blessing to the ear drums , i will read this with pleasure as i resight my own, many thanks

The sentence and paragraph

The sentence and paragraph structures could use a little work. The content is there, but it does not flow like a high level piece of work.

well..I think that this

well..I think that this personal statement is quite good, however, there is one spelling mistake which has not been spotted by anyone so thinking guys..:)

you do sound a bit in love

you do sound a bit in love with yourself but i guess its hard to show off your talents and still sound humble.pretty impressive achievements btw :]

seriusly? you have italian

seriusly? you have italian parents and could not speak italian?

quite good :) Thanks for help

quite good :)
Thanks for help




this has heled with me my personal statement greatly, i doubt you are as talented as you make out to be but that's what they will think of mine

hello ppl...x

hello ppl...x

I thought it was a fantastic

I thought it was a fantastic statement and felt compelled to read all the way through so thank you for being so darn interesting xxxxxxxxxx

are u a fanny boy by any

are u a fanny boy by any chance?? u need bringin down a peg or two... can u tell me about the rcent political situation in iraq??? many wishes hagrid

i am worried, i have done

i am worried, i have done nowhere near the amount of impressive things this person has done!


yo, yo i totally feel ya man dat is bullets. shout out to mandem on it and tings. SAFE!!
Much love,

good keep it up

good keep it up

very good....... impressive..

very good....... impressive....!!!!!


it is very impressive personal statement and it shows a lot of enthusiastic

yeah well you may be able to

yeah well you may be able to write gud but it will not excuse you from having a massive bucket fanny

but it is rather good

but it is rather good applciation for dating purpose!

Should polish it up!!

You have many experiences and by them, you have matured and understood certain facets of life or about you as an individual. Now, the way you wrote how you reflected upon what you have done in or out of school, seems forced. For instance, "I matured.." you repeated this phrase too many times making the whole statement less believable.
I would work also on the intro. I feel as if you should change and cut some words out in order to make it catchy.

I think it is a great

I think it is a great personal statement. The whole point of the personal statement is to show and explain your abilities and achievments and to make as big an impression as possible. So don't take notice of people telling you you are 'showing off.' Thats what your supposed to do. Well done.

very impressive you are not

very impressive you are not at all self obessed :) the point of a personal statement is to sell yourself and indeed you did :) so well done.

this is a mpice of shirt and

this is a mpice of shirt and if u know what is good for you, you should ding wah urself

law and business

thank you for your personal statement
i was finding it very difficult trying to figure out how to start mine as i do not like writing about myself
but once reading yours it helped me to section my PS and produce a great first draft xx


well, arent you perfect! I hate reading statements like this because it makes me feel like i need to be absolutely perfect in order to get in to university! Seriously, good PS you'll do well at uni!

im sorry, i read the first

im sorry, i read the first paragraph and i can tell it's well written, but it just doesn't hold me interest at all! its boring! i think you're being too repetitive

To clear up, aplicant is

To clear up, aplicant is blaitantly a girl... and I thought she was self-obsessed..

"VERY GUD"!!!!!!!!!!


lil red riding hood is luosie

lil red riding hood is luosie and she loves this

nav and kim love this

nav and kim love this statement.

yay tasha has a 'n' name!

natasha is a freakazoid!!!
hu lurves sree from bb!!!


GNA BIN IT...evrybody come 2 binning bargains


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