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My wish to study business has developed increasingly ever since I understood that we lived in a world where everything was due or connected to money and trade. What really interest me in business is its complexity and its unpredictability. Very few would have been able to foresee the current financial crisis a few years ago.

Even though an American centralised crisis was predictable due to the subprime loans, no one could have predicted that the financial crisis in the United States would shatter the world's entire banking system and economy. For instance, in England one thousand jobs a day are lost directly due to the credit crunch.

The financial crisis shows how globalisation, in the last 30 years has deeply interconnected the economies of our developed countries. I quite agree with Mr Sarkozy stimulus plan and believe that investing money in the economy is the first step to heal the economy, and to "prepare the jobs of tomorrow" by investing in the construction and automobile sector in order to preserve them.

On the other hand, the plan has not restored confidence to individuals and firms who are not ready to invest due to their fear ofthe banking system. Hence, I believe that it is a collective adhesion to the stimulus plan that will give him all his potency and efficiency.

I have had the chance to live two years in Dallas where I learned the English language but also discovered a new culture and a different lifestyle which is now part of my identity.

The chance of studying business in its most spoken language is therefore a great opportunity. For the past year I have been playing on the site "". This site is a virtual stock exchange that reproduces the variations of the values of the shares of the companies of the CAC 40. In this game you can virtually buy and sell shares and undergo virtual losses and gains.

Nettrader has given me a very precise idea of what it is like to analyse the stock values of a company by looking at how the firm has been doing in the last days, months or years and hence, to foresee whether or not it is interesting to buy or to sell shares. It seems to have (unfortunately virtually) paid off,since on december the 29th, I had virtually earned 2458 euros !

Sailing, which is my passion ever since I was strong enough to hold the tiller, has given me the focus, the patience but mostly the capacity of adapting to unpredicted situations.

I have faced many technical problems and difficult weather conditions while sailing and alone or as a group, I have understood that the only way to contain and confine these harsh situations is creativity and quick thinking.

To a certain extent, I believe that business and sailing are very common in the way that in both fields it is very difficult to foresee problems and I believe that the only solution in a storm or during a financial crisis is adaptation that must be followed by innovation.

I have had the chance, to have stepped on four of the five continents and I have seen from my own eyes the world's large inequalities and personally feel very concerned about them.

I am therefore a big proponent of fair-trade and I am persuaded that it is possible to make trades beneficial for both marginalized producers and transnational corporations. But fair-trade is also the idea of promoting environmental sustainability. I have been for the last year very interested in the development of projects using sustainable energies such as the concept of wind-powered cargo ships.

By having a sail, it would cut out 20% of the engine power which would represent savings of nearly 2.5 tonnes of fuel and more than $1000 a day. Working in sustainable development companies is my goal on the long term and working on a project in order to find the best ways and solutions to make benefits while preserving the environment would be my ideal job.

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This is brilliant!

The best statements are one of these, which shows how deep in your heart you are passionate about the subject ... Super great work!


Best personal statement I have ever read :o

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