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I consider myself to be a mature, confident student who is always willing to learn and adapt to new surroundings. I have always been fascinated by the many different aspects of law especially the criminal field; It stems from when my sister was studying criminology at university.

My deep commitment to a career in the legal profession was confirmed in 2013 and later in 2014.

In November 2013, several of my classmates and I participated in a Bar Mock Trial in the Belfast Crown Court. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience a court room situation: presenting my argument in front of a real judge greatly enhanced my confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm to continue on a path towards a legal profession.

My week-long work experience in February 2014 confirmed these aspirations. My placement was in Higgins, Hollywood, Deazley solicitors in Belfast.

I shadowed a different solicitor each day; this broadened my knowledge as each day I could attend the magistrate’s court and explore a different aspect of law.

I also maintain a keen interest in renowned legal cases worldwide, such as the recent Oscar Pistorius and Trayvon Martin cases, and I keep abreast of current legal developments.

Through completing my AS levels I have found that there is a great correlation between History and Law.

Writing long pieces of work with good literacy skills is essential in history, I feel that my analytical skills have greatly improved as often I will have to read historians work and garner quotes to support my argument, similar to a lawyer analysing a victim statement.

The human brain and it's working have always deeply intrigued me. I find it absolutely incredible how little things can alter our minds in such an extraordinary way.

Through looking after my brother who has down Syndrome I started to notice how his brain would work in a different way and how I would have to change my conversational approach to him as oppose to one of my classmates.

From reading books such as Of Mice And Men and seeing movies such as Girl Interrupted magnified my interest in the psychological field.

I have always enjoyed Businesses studies and find it amazing how much work really goes into running a successful business entity.

I always enjoy having responsibility put on me and that's what interests me most about a career in business management. In the coming months I will be commencing in voluntary work experience in my uncle's business. I hope to gain a full understanding on how business management works.

I enrolled in a school programme to help year 8 students improve their Literacy skills such as writing fluidity and spelling. This will improves my leadership skills as I have a lot of responsibility to help the young student improve this essential skill.

Having a brother with Down syndrome that I help care for has strengthened my communication skills. Sometimes it is difficult for him to fully get across what he wants or needs, but I know I need to have patience to figure it out.

Obviously as a lawyer or psychologist it will be essential to communicate with people of all intellectual levels and to fully comprehend what they are telling you.

In the past I have played football for St Patrick's and also trained in boxing at the Dockers boxing club, as well as having an active gym membership.

Playing as a midfielder really improved my team working skills as I had to try and get everyone involved in the play and communicate well with my teammates. In boxing I learnt to be self-motivated to do things on my own. I still have an active interest in viewing multiple sports such as. Boxing, Football and Rugby.

I love watching the competitive drive of the athletes and seeing how they give it their all to win.

As a dedicated young student who is always striving to better himself, I believe I can make a great contribution in either a law, business or psychological field of work.

I try my best in all the things that I do and I assure you that I will give it my all in my time at university.

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This personal statement was written by Cd524 for application in 2015.

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Hi, this is my final draft of my personal statement that I am about to send off for my UCAS. I was just wondering if you could give me some feedback on it which would be greatly appreciated.

3 of my 5 application course are Law, with 1 Psychology and 1 business with Psychology.


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