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I have always wanted to do something great with my life, proving to myself and my family that I could be different from my other brothers and sisters. I am the only one in my family who is currently studying at College.

I have always worked hard in College life reaching grades which I thought I was not capable of gaining. I have now been at Truro College for three years.

In my first year I studied First Diploma in IT, I proved in my first year what I was capable of achieving and how I could achieve it. My overall grade in this course was a merit. It was this that made me realise that my future was in IT.

Since then I have worked gaining more knowledge in computing and IT.

My cousin, a computer technician in London, is teaching me everything he knows about hardware and software. Because of this I have advanced greatly in computer management.

I am now at Truro College in my third year studying a level three course National Certificate in IT. I am extremely confident that I will do well as are my subject lecturers. This course has taught me various skills.

In my secondary school my GCSE results were not of a great standard. Even though my grades were not very impressive, my knowledge in computers shone.

When I went to college one day a week at school, I decided to put together my own news letter it was called Pencalenick College News. All the teachers who co-ordinated with the college wrote their comments and feedback every month. After all the feedback and comments where handed into me I would write them onto the computer, I would then design the news letter. The school's secretary would then print dozens of the newsletter and send them off to all the students. This little project was very satisfying as it gave me trust from all the teachers.

I am now retaking my GCSE's at College. I am very confident that I will do well.

As my skills have grown I have done many projects with many online community forums. I am currently working for as the sites administrator and developer. My duties include looking after the sites community members and development. I enjoy this commitment as I always have.

I am pleased with my progress in IT and hope that I may go further.

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This personal statement was written by jaytaylor for application in 2001.

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I feel that i have done well to get as far as i have!



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I'm pie. i get off on reading your statements

i really do.

you remind me of myself. I am

you remind me of myself. I am bit like that, trying to achieve things that sometimes i think i am not capable of. Good luck for your future. Taslima

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