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Since moving on to further education I have always shown a keen interest in Business studies, studying a wide variety on the subject during my A Levels. This has helped feed my enthusiasm and dedication towards the subject grow stronger and gradually has made me want to study it in more depth. I believe the reason for my passion towards the subject is due to my belief it is fundamental in today's modern society, and by pursuing a degree in the subject it can only be benifical to me and help me prosper in this business-oriented world

From my A level work I have gained many key skills which will be beneficial to a career in the world of business. Two of the strongest skills that I have been able to develop are my organisation and communication skills which are essential in any career. Throughout my AS Business studies I was able to improve upon my communication skills as I had to deliver a presentation about data UK's financial stability which has aided me to constructively put a diplomatic point of view across in front of varied group sizes. These skills have helped broaden my confidence and outlook towards every day life, my confidence speaking in front of groups has also changed positively

AS Sociology has provided me with an knowledge and understanding on UK society which is a key component when marketing products, as you will know the specific market that you are trying to target and can promote in accordance to it. A levels required a lot of independent work compared to my previous educational years, hence I have learnt to organise myself efficiently. This has helped me to set feasible revision timetables and meet the tight schedules that were presented to me during my A levels. Consequently this has lead to a great improvement in my organisational skills. I believe that these skills are essential and will aid me to become a successful university Business student

I completed two successful weeks of work experience at MG Rover in Longbridge which was very beneficial to me as I was able to improve my communication skills and learn more about the so called "new world"

During this time I was involved in a variety of tasks, which included producing a problem resolution action report relating to an investigation I was involved with. I attended and completed the 'Challenge of Management' course which develops key skills such as communication, planning, problem solving and responsibility, I feel these skills are important and have guided and helped me in my academic studies to-date and will further assist me to become a productive and efficient university Business student. In my time at Handsworth Grammar School I assisted at Open Days, Parents' Evenings and 11+ Examinations. My main priorities were showing visitors and potential students around the school to make sure each occasion was run smoothly. I have been awarded certificates of gratitude for such events. I also help out at my local Gudwara where I have been involved in taking part in Punjabi lessons as a result of taking part in this I have achieved a certificate for supplementary education attendance certificate. I have benefited a great deal from such responsibilities as they have helped me improve upon the quality of my teamwork skills immensely

I believe that it is important to create a balance between the academic and social areas. I have a keen interest in Sports, especially football, of which I am an avid fan, and regularly play 11 a side football, I also am a member of a snooker club which I believe also helps to improve my concentration skills. I am currently a member at my local gym which I use regularly this ensures that I keep fit and my mind stays active and focussed as I believe a healthy body leads to a healthy mind

I believe am an individual who will benefit from life at university as I am eager to learn further and attending university is an aspiration not only for my professional ambition but for the intellectual challenge. Given the opportunity I will strive to succeed. May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking time to consider my application.

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it's just excellant

it's just excellant

the last line. "may i take

the last line. "may i take this opertunity to thank u ......."

what was the point in sayin that? it is there job after all lol.

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