Business & Law Personal Statement

Academically, I have always been a very determined and studious individual, hence why I knew that a degree at university would be the definite next step. I have a broad interest in many subject areas yet feel drawn towards a law or business orientated degree.

With regards to Business, the reasoning behind my choice is the complex and intriguing nature of the subject. I particularly enjoy the way business so appropriately blends in with everyday issues.

Since taking the subject at A-Level my interest has grown and matured and I am able to view many businesses analytically and make suggestions regarding possible improvements.

Law is an area which has interested me from an early age. I enjoy extensive reading and recognise that this is essential in studying law. I consider myself to be well suited to a career in law as I pay much attention to detail and take pleasure in undergoing work which raises social issues in today’s society and requires the skill to manipulate evidence and present persuasive arguments.

I also believe that the psychology A-Level I have has aided me in observing the actions of others and how their opinions and memories are influenced by external factors. This area of work requires much confidence which I believe I posses and can use to my advantage in order to gain recognition in this competitive field of work.

My work experience is very broad due to a variety of positions I have held in differentiating working environments. My experience working for Royal Worchester & Spode in the Debenhams’ department store has been the most influential.

The up-market company requires a confidant disposition from a Sales Advisor such as myself and a proficient memory in order to ensure product knowledge is to an optimum standard. I was also given the responsibility to train a new employee which displays the high degree of trust my employers have for me.

My educational experiences have been of great use to me from a position of form captain in Secondary School to aiding the organisation of mass celebrations in College. Responsibilities such as these have helped me to mature and take my positions seriously so that I am respected by staff.

My position of English Prefect in Year 11 required a large portion of my time as I was in charge of aiding the entire English department.

My interest in the Italian language has also led me to have an article I wrote regarding the exploitation of women on Italian Television published in ‘L’Italiano’ newspaper, to which I was very content to have my views expressed.

During Secondary School I also attended evening Italian classes where I was presented with ‘The Student of the Year Award’ due to my excellent standard of work.

The class required me to organise my time efficiently so that other schoolwork did not suffer as a result of my extra GCSE. As a result of these classes and of my Italian parents I now speak the language fluently.

Sport and leisure also interests me and during college I decided to use this interest to do charity work for RNIB where I raised £250 and abseiled 120ft down Westminster University.

I played Netball for the Harrow Netball Team and competed in the OGI UK Games for the Harrow and Wembley team where I was awarded several trophies and a gold and bronze medal for long jump and javelin.

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Which universities did you

Which universities did you apply to?
It's a good statement, but lacks some definite structure.

Before i leave my honest

Before i leave my honest comments i must say that i in no way have any ill intentions. IMO, this piece is nothing impressive, as with the case of many (if not all) of the sample statements on this web. None of those which i have read do actually have a 'wow' factor which makes the reader go: "This is a guy who really put serious thought into writing this essay". As for this essay in particular, it seems as if the author is merely listing all his achievements, resume-style. Furthermore, the essay ends abruptly, with no proper conclusion, leaving the reader simply hanging - which is definitely not a good idea.

this is a weel arranged

this is a weel arranged personal statement,thanks to the author for at least showing others the way to write a personal statement. keep it up.

this is a well arranged

this is a well arranged personal statement,thanks to the author for at least showing others the way to write a personal statement. keep it up.

verry,verry intresting

verry,verry intresting forsure.I love it

Granted some of the critism

Granted some of the critism is true, but people claiming that it is 'self obsessed' are slighhtly deluded as the whole intention of a PS is to sell yourself, not to be withdrawn, how else are the people reading it going to know about your achievements? And also, those critising the inclusion of sport and language as its not relevent, people reading the PS are looking for a well rounded individual, yes you must be passionate about the course you want to do, but having other interests only strengthens your PS, and far from weakens it, so long as they aren't the basis of the PS its fine.


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I don't understand why so

I don't understand why so many people think this is good, it's rubbish! There's so much self obsession it makes me want to vomit. I understand that some 'self obsession' is needed to sell yourself, but this much of it with no real back-up evidence is just total BS.

For example, the writer talks about being 'form captain' at their secondary school, and 'english prefect' ; taking charge and 'aiding' the ENTIRE *cough* english department. - Let us say this person actually did these things... what has it got to do with the university they are trying to apply for, and the course?

The writer also says they abseiled 120ft down Westminster Uni.. woopdifuckingdo.

The whole point of a personal statment is to display your dedication, passion, commitment etc. towards the course you want to study. If your going to say something like captain of football team or w/e, say how it shows commitment and how it is transferred to the course you want to study. If you don't show how it links together it's like applying for English and saying that your always top 3 on modern warfare 2. Like WTF has it got to do with anything?



Did you get in to the uni's

Did you get in to the uni's you applied to?

"skill to manipulate evidence

"skill to manipulate evidence" more of a flaw than talent wouldn't you say?

Hello your personal statement

Hello your personal statement was very well written, made you seem like a talented and enthusiastic individual. However I can understand what some people are saying about self obsessed and the one flaw I can think of is that of the fact that you need to expand some of your points more. BUT YOU OTHER COMMENTORS DONT NEED TO BE SO ARROGANT! Apart from that you have written a really good personal statement and this should be rated at least 4 stars if not 3 and a quarter :)

the PS is quite good

the PS is quite good


really bad prob the worst i have ever seen give up

its not that good

i thought the person writing could have done beter
it wasn't much help for me

Awesome personal statement

Awesome personal statement

Very helpful! Had no idea how

Very helpful! Had no idea how to explain why I wanted to combine Law and Business.
Thank you.

Which universities did you

Which universities did you apply to? and which ones did you get into?


great example !! thank you for shearing

Overall, an impressive

Overall, an impressive personal statement. However, the tone is somewhat obsessive, the first paragraph is disproportionately larger than the others and A Level Business Studies and Psychology are not the most respected of A Levels.


Im thankful for the article post. Fantastic.


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