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What would life be without technology? In this world that we live in it is impossible to be fully efficient in a business society without having grasp knowledge of information and communications technology. Information technology ever changing in our business society and I desire to be a part of this changing process.

Through out years of studying Information Technology I have grown to like the subject. Although, part of the course is somewhat demanding, the further involvement in the course is what has drawn me most to the course.

My utmost belief is that a combination of both courses would enlighten and engage me through out my degree course. In my years of studying information and communication technology I have used softwares like Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Dreamweaver to create websites and also the use of Microsoft Access to arrange data bases for businesses as my coursework.

Both Business and Information and Communications Technology are subjects I am totally in love with and testimony to this fact is the AS Award for Information and Communications Technology I received in the recent past. I have also excelled greatly in Business Studies both in GCSE level and AS level and hope to excel further in years to come at your university.

The world has had a rapid grown in global markets through automation and e-commerce and this can be linked with Information Technology and the web with the ultimate goal of being more efficient in the rapidly growing global market. All these have provided me with inspiration to be involved in a world where new technology is being developed.

On a lighter note, I work in my school as a lunch time supervisor every lunch time for the past two years.

This job has taught me what commitment, hard work and time management is all about as I have managed to blend both my academics and my job together and still be prompt in submitting in work and preparing for exams and excelling in them.

I thrive in situations where I have to work under pressure as it makes me alert and spurs me in doing even greater things. My further sense of responsibility comes from my post as been Sanderson's events captain for my school. This has given me the opportunity to be in control and create events for the house as well as feel as part of a team.

Other aspects of life that interests me out of school are charitable works. I have seen first hand, the misfortune of people being born into the poverty trap and the human rights violations that ordinary people like us have to face because of the misfortune of being born into one of the poorest countries and continents on earth.

This has made me more aware than other teenagers of the less privileged and handicapped in every society I live and always eager to render my help and support in any way I can. This has led me to volunteer at the Little Monkey's Toddler group in Shaftesbury every week.

In addition to that every Friday, I go to a neighbouring disabled children's primary school to help the teachers out with their sporting activities. Furthermore I am a member of the global student forum in which our aim is to see changes in our society by using our initiative to make the world a better place.

Sometimes I see my self at the top floor of a business institution looking down at the works of my hands and I feel a sense of achievement, fulfilment, accomplishment and triumph all at the same time. In faith, this dream would be completed through hard work and commitment inside an Information technology and business degree for the next four years.

A wise man once told me that there are three types of people in this life, those that make it happen, those that watch it happen and those that ask: what happened? My aim is to be in the group of those who make it happen. I hope to be an asset to your university both academically and socially.

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This personal statement was written by 01rufatem for application in 2007.

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This is brilliant!!!!!

This is brilliant!!!!!

I would love to be one of

I would love to be one of among those people who make it happen. Simply, i just loved your personal statement. it was such a well explained and very impressive statement. I would really want you to achieve all your goals. Best of luck. Taslima


Hehe, what other better way to start a personal statement then a rhetorical question? :)

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