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Prior to studying business and ICT at GCSE and AS Level, I have always been very interested in the subjects and how IT interlinks with the business industry.

I am passionate about technology and as a result, have spent a lot of my childhood teaching myself coding. Technology is constantly improving and growing to have a much more influential presence within modern society. This has always fascinated me and studying this subject will allow me to further my knowledge.

Women are a minority in this sector and I want to help make a positive change towards the workplace and other women. Another factor that attracts me to IT is that the subject offers both analytical and creative opportunities.

I am currently studying health and social care, where I have learnt that the power of communication can af- fect a business through personal interactions, such as body language, inclusion, technology, and through group interactions such as the Tuckman Theory.

Communication directly relates to business as impressing partners and potential clients is vital towards succeeding. My course has prepared me for this as I have com- pleted volunteering placements which have allowed me to practice my communication skills with people of all ages.

I have been volunteering at a charity shop for over 2 years and have previously volunteered at an elderly home. This experience has provided me with valuable skills in communication and an ability to make posit- ive relationships with customers and coworkers. I have an important role in the organisation, which involves sorting stock and managing tills.

The stores I have worked at have motivated me to work in the industry as I have learnt how businesses oper- ate within powerful companies such as Subway and Boots on an operation level.

My current job as a customer service assistant in Boots has improved my teamwork and time management skills as working effi- ciently requires a team effort.

Using initiative in these environments is significant to customer satisfaction allowing the business to exceed profit expectations. I take the time to have a more personal relationship with customers enabling me to progress in my job role which allows the company to achieve a higher revenue.

I was a class representative for my college last year where I took upon responsibilities of finding out what the students on my course wanted to change and passing this message on in meetings.

I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, where I learned and developed my leadership and teamwork skills. This was a positive challenge for me as I enjoyed working with a team to plan and carry out an expedition making me more adventurous to try new things, such as hiking and camping.

I also received the Syeda Fatima Interfaith Conference Award for my role in regularly organising and attend- ing interfaith forums. I believe these conferences have improved my understanding of different religions which is an important quality when working in a diverse industry.

NCS the Challenge is another award I re- ceived where I learned the basics of photography and planned and carried out a fundraiser for a local youth club.

I have also been a keen tap dancer for 13 years and have recently completed my Intermediate Award. Dance is transferable to school work as it is mentally challenging and requires discipline and focus; some- thing I will use throughout my university career.

Aside from these qualifications, I have an interest in directly practicing my computing skills as I have helped edit music and dance videos for my friends and recently joined the computer coding club for my college, furthering my interest in the subject. I have also attended talks at the IBM offices where I learnt more about the different fields that are available in the IT industry.

I am a hard working, driven individual and am looking forward to the challenges of this course and university life. I am confident that my chosen subject will give me a strong foundation to build a successful career.

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Joint honours application for Business and Computing. I got 2 unconditional offers and accepted one of these but decided to change my course to Computer Science instead.


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