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To start with I shall point out that I have always been interested in business and legal studies. Even during my teenage years, I have seen myself as a person who is willing to prosper in the knowledge of modern business and legal studies. This path to higher knowledge as seen from my prospective fits best at an UK university.

Famous for their long tradition, unquestionable methods and millions of qualified students that were visiting these centers in pursue of knowledge, have destined the future plans for my higher education. I would like to add one more reason that is connected with my family's education.

The majority of my closer relatives have a Master Degree in certain areas and they have proven themselves as both educational and experienced in a fashion that inspired me to continue with their tradition.

Personally, my interests lie in the areas mentioned before and have become more interested in them when I attended the Austrian School of Budapest. A good choice, if I may add, since it helped me greatly in improving my language skills, as well as receiving greater knowledge in mathematics and history. Still, I have always looked forward to learning more about the basics of business and the foundations of law, since those two subjects provided the information and knowledge I was seeking to carry on with my studies in the future.

Considering the fact that my native tongue is Hungarian, I do not have the luck of some other Europeans whose language is widely spoken, but this doesn't mean that I am not eager to learn and compete to achieve my goal. As a backup I would point out that I am bilingual, because of my mother being half German.

During the years of High School I developed a strong desire to study English. In order to try myself out in native environment I spent three weeks on Malta and took part in two courses. This period was of major importance, due to the fact that I encountered different challenging situations, which really tested my English oral skills.

After this, my aim was to learn more and develop my skills in written and spoken English even higher. When I visited my father, who was working as a manager near London, I became more determined to top my knowledge. I signed up for the IELTS Academic test at the British Council, which offered a consistent overview and concessive measurement of my language skills. My overall score was 7.5, a fine accomplishment by some, but I think I can pursue myself higher than that.

In order to expand my language attainments, I am planning to learn Italian, since I have learned it for a year, and have some basic knowledge in it. I think my approach to languages, provides me with the basis which are needed for international business, with the ability to communicate with people coming from different countries. When speaking about business, the first thing that comes to my mind is its complex and knotty nature. It fascinates me, how close complicated economical phenomenons are bound to everyday issues.

With regards to law, the reason behind my choice is that I enjoy researching and the process of persistent reading, which is necessary for law. Apart from that, I consider myself as a person who has the ability of winning a discussion with his persuasive arguments even when it comes to disputable cases.

My work experience provided me with an interesting insight into the world of business, when I spent more than a month at the German Bauhaus AG in Hungary as a translator due to my knowledge in German. Here I had the opportunity to see how a big company is managed behind the scenes. I think this influenced my approach to teamwork greatly as it introduced and thought me how to work efficient and effective with my colleges.

In the end just to point out that my future engagements are bound to the successful continuum of my studies, which can be acquired best at your university.

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This personal statement was written by lenny for application in 2008.

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Hiya, I hope I can help you with adding my PS. Before you criticise my statement please consider, that my native language is not english:)


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So which universitys did u apply to for this course?


i applied to cambridge, oxford, durham, queens (belfast) and st. andrews

I wasn't aware you could

I wasn't aware you could apply to both Oxford and Cambridge...

you cant

you cant

And where did you get

And where did you get accepted?

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