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Some people consider business studies uninteresting; they think everything is just about numbers and money. However, after closer view business is about perfect balance. Balance between demand and supply, resources and merchandises. Economy is everywhere, though noticeable just for devoted ones. I am glad I have chosen this specialization, so I can prove everyone that economy means more, how it seems.

My decision to study Business management comes from several reasons. As far back as I was a child I always wanted to be someone independent, in charge. Ease, with which I deal with another people, is one of my abilities. I never enforce my will at any price; my ambition is always compromise convenient for both sides. I inherited leadership abilities and self-assertion from my parents. My mom is an entrepreneur, so that I'm in business environment 24 hours a day.

Further study of business management gives me great opportunity to expand knowledge, which I've obtained at business academy in my homeland country. Moreover, I can improve my English language in native environment and meet another open-minded people with the same passion for business studies. It's great to know, so there are people such as me around the entire world.

I participate in nation-wide business projects "I think economically" and "Training Company". Those projects' sponsors provide us equipments free and specialized literature as well. Training Company is keeping spirit of enterprise around whole class - one of my favorite lessons. Here I taught myself to be responsible for my products - as a member of marketing group and later as a personnel clerk. Now we are able to solve problems quickly and effectively.

In my free time I can appreciate good book or sometimes I create my own design pictures. Also I have a great passion for horse-riding and enjoy play the piano. I hope I will proceed to study at this university and gain more experiences in order to become successful in business branch.

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This personal statement was written by Mare Nectaris for application in 2009.


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Well, actually, a lot of what you write is not quite true !... well, okay, it does not matter:DD

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