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The motivation behind my decision to gain a Business Degree lies in my determination to better understand how the real world works. I particularly enjoy the way that business blends in with everyday issues. As a student I already had the opportunity to live great experiences outside of Lithuania in different context, such as Germany and Italy.

I also have the strong wish to learn much more about EU market dynamics and behaviours, to try and implement the knowledge and skills that I possess in development of the Lithuanian/European's economy. My determination can be illustrated by what I reached in organizing sport activities in Lauciai, the town where I live.

In my gymnasium I had opportunity to play MESE (Management and Economics Simulation Exercise). I was the captain of one of the leading teams. It demanded a huge responsibility in making critical decisions and analytical skills, furthermore, I knew that it also requires good communication skill since it's necessary to talk the decisions over with the team.

As the MESE competition continued I caught myself in a great excitement when the results had to be announced and when I saw how efficient the time was I spent playing MESE and how successfully the decisions were which I made with my team to keep the 'company' on the top.

This game has strengthened my interest in Business studies and allowed me to go deeper in solving business issues. While participating in simulation I developed crucial management and teamwork skills.

One summer I was working for a large Lithuanian Company where I was a shop assistant. The experience I went through helped me in developing my personality.

I have become more responsible as a result of my duties. Furthermore, I gained valuable skills in communication and interaction with other people in a working environment or being in completely different situations than I used to, such as meeting the needs of the customers. This job broadened the range of my abilities which I apply in my daily life.

During the last two years I joined two international exchange projects such as Comenius, with an Italian school in Assisi, and a School Partnership project, with a German school in Buxtehude. These were invaluable experiences since I was keen on getting 'fresh thoughts' and eagerly seeking new challenges.

The projects have allowed me to learn to cope with difficulties of living in unfamiliar environments. Successful participating in projects' activities has enabled me to develop my socializing and time management skills as I was always presented with a schedule that I had to keep.

At the end of the Commenius project I was acknowledged as a capable European citizen(and I'm very happy to be one) with skills such as understanding different behaviours, being able to move alone along the European Countries, have relationships with other people, that make me capable of international interaction. Meanwhile my interest in Business studies grew bigger and concentrated on an international level.

Throughout my life, being a member of my local community has helped me to understand that we all play a meaningful role in forming our surroundings. I actively participated in the establishment of my community's youth club where we engaged in various activities. Now we have opportunity to play basketball that I am very keen on.

Last year we won our local cup as a result of many hours of practise. This was the first important event since the opening of youth club's doors and I am delighted to have been able to use my enthusiasm and organizational skills in making this event possible.

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