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After graduated from the college, I plan to go onto postgraduate studies and work on an MBA. A strong performance in Business and Marketing study will allow me to move onto an MBA and only then shall I be satisfied

From 2001 to 2003 I was working at an International trade company. The working experience was both inspiring and educational. I realize the importance of a strong leader who could organize, command respect, and be able to work well with others. These ideas were further enforced by my year position at marketing and management

I attended the Chinese Commodities Import & Export Fair in Guangzhou last year. And I played a vital role in meeting foreign customers and Chinese customers. I discussed business with customer as a translator

Because I am good at speaking English, Putonghua and Cantonese which were used by a large number of people in the world. One skill in particular that contributed to this transaction accomplishment was my confident public speaking

The last 10 months have been crucial in my learning of real world business and economics. I made a business report and set out to prove the development potentiality of the automatic electrical home appliances market in China. In this effort, my suggestion was used by my company and made a great profit for my company. While attempting to explain these alternate theories of market I have developed a keen interest in analyzing and understanding how the world of business works

The purpose of my attending a Business Management course is that the program will not only improve my management skills but also help me understand the relationship between English and Chinese culture

Studying in UK allowed me recognize and appreciate different culture

With the experience I have and strong motivation to craft a bright future, I feel I can justify my decision to pursue a career in Business Management

Since the introduction of reform programs and the open-door policy in China, international trade has been playing an important role in the economy. Thus learning Business Management has been very popular throughout the country. However many people do not have special training and cannot use the knowledge into actuality. I've selected the course as my major in the hope that the knowledge acquired in the field will enable to develop effective methods for manage and develop my former company which gave me a great financial support to my study

After completing my master's program, I will return to my country to wok for my former company

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