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To be or not to be is the most difficult question an individual faces in life. Coming from the Indian subcontinent I was expected to become a doctor or an engineer. I decided however, to follow an educational course, which I felt was more attractive and fascinating.

After obtaining good marks at SSE level in the disciplines of physics and mathematics, engineering seemed to be the most likely and favorable career path to choose. I decided to break the tradition nonetheless and made my first big life decision and chose 'not to be'. I joined the most booming industry at the time and elected to major my HSSE in the field of computer science.

Electing computers as a major proved to be one of the best decisions of my academic career as it gave me a firm grip over many computer applications.

For my graduate degree after thoroughly consulting my professors I chose to pursue a career in business and started my degree in Commerce. The subjects taught in my degree laid a firm foundation in my understanding of business. I found myself fascinated by the fields of economics and finance.

At the start of my course I was taught by my professors that economists, financial analysts and bankers were the people that made the world go round and that they were the key individuals that could mould the world into which ever shape they desired. After taking these subjects I found out how true this statement was. Having thoroughly studied the laws of demand and supply and how they worked, the infrastructure of the stock market, the revolving of shares within it and the regulations and working of the banking system it all became clear to me why being financially strong meant being part of a first world country.

My desire to learn more about economics and finance had without a doubt changed into a passion and I took up subjects such as cost accounting and managerial economics in my MBA which I part qualified before coming to the U.K for further education.

Outside of academia, I have a great passion for English and Urdu literature. The words of Umaira Ahmed and Dan Brown hold a significant place in my heart and soul. I have found immense pleasure in studying the work of the great poet Iqbal especially in shikwah and jawab-e-shikwah. I also hold a great love for all sports cricket being at the top of my list. Having played at club as well as both school and college level (which shows my ability to be a team player) I hold a sound understanding of the sport and am a true fan and follower of Pakistani cricket

I have high ambitions, and in the future I hope to be successfully involved in economic and financial policy at a high level.The course I have selected would without doubt prove to be a vital step towards this aim. It would further enhance my knowledge in the field of finance and in turn would provide me with a brighter and fulfilling career.

I am highly aware of the superb reputation of your university and my survey of the faculty and facilities available at your institute have served to deepen my interest in attending. I know that, in addition to your excellent faculty, your computer facilities are among the best in the country. I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your fine institution

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This personal statement was written by umar_m for application in 2006.


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this is good work illustrating a purely facsinating personality, this is exactly what admissions tutirs are looking for: some1 with academic skills and an interesting bloody life!!!

I like it

I like this, however, many, many people have told me that a personal statement where other subjects and expectations (in this case engineering) are mentinoed were bad.


Are you guys kidding? This entire thing is sounds stale and clichéd. Not a great statement I'm afraid.

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