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I believe my attraction to global economies and systems comes from my background. My Iranian heritage and experiences within the country has given me a dual perspective that allows me to understand how different the world truly is. Discussion about the current economic state of Iran and the UK has always been commonplace in my household. I wouldn’t understand what my family talked about most of the time but as I grew older, I became more involved in discussions which ignited my interest in economics and global systems.
Iran has a rapidly shrinking economy and government corruption is rampant. I have known this from personal experience within the country, especially with the rate of inflation, and seeing it in person sparks curiosity in me. It makes me wonder how a country that used to be so different has fallen into this position. I want to explore these issues by pursuing this degree and achieve my goal of positively impacting my chosen field.
Although I never took economics, I still got to appreciate how broad of an area it is, my studies of politics and sociology connected me with the subject. I learned about the social impacts of global economic change, especially in developing countries, along with their interactions with more powerful nations. During this, I read about German economist Gunder Frank’s theory about the metropolis-to-satellite relationship, in which he explained the reason for the underdevelopment of satellite countries was due to the absorption of their economic surplus by metropolises. I also extended my reading to Keynes’s theory about government intervention during the economic recession due to COVID.
Whilst in college, I joined the debating society which developed my argumentative and critical thinking skills. Discussing topics like the death penalty increased my confidence, gave me a broader field of view and allowed me to look into issues with an open mind and a rational approach. During this period, I also volunteered at the local British Heart Foundation. This experience enhanced my communication skills and improved my ability to work with a wide range of people.
When the opportunity arises, I like to fly. Within the last few months, I have saved money and worked part-time to obtain 10 hours of flight with a single-engine aircraft, I learned how to take off, land, and do manoeuvres in the air. During this time, I managed to get better at remaining focused as any incorrect action could have serious consequences.
One of my hobbies is photography, I frequently capture the experiences I share with my friends and family and take landscape photos of my city as well as the countryside. I furthered my skills by doing multiple photoshoots with models for a local clothing brand.
I am currently in a gap year which has allowed me to travel, I have had the privilege to visit some countries in the past such as Switzerland, France, Turkey, and most recently Iceland. I plan on continuing to travel, exploring countries in Africa and Asia, I want to increase my personal experience with different cultures and visualise how they contrast economically.
During this year I have also been supporting my mum with her online business, which has increased my understanding of how the logistics and finances of a business work. I also plan on self-studying A-level economics to help me prepare for university.
Outside academics and extra-curricular activities, I also enjoy running, which I took upon during lockdown. From running 200 meters before going out of breath to running 10 kilometres and beyond. My discipline and drive vastly improved and extended to how I study and approach new challenges.
Economics represents a demanding study option and vocation. Having the privilege to study this degree will give me invaluable skills and experiences in understanding economics and global systems while continuing my education about the subject that I first received in those discussions with my family.

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Hey, this is my PS, that I used for my 2023 application, this website really helped me and I hope my PS helps anyone reading.

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