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After studying about The Great Depression in the 1920s it made me fully aware of how important economics is to our everyday lives. I find it intriguing to see how poor economic decisions can lead to hyperinflation in Zimbabwe or watching huge countries, like the US and China, go head to head with different policies and tariffs with the intention to create bigger and stronger economies. Economics has allowed me to express my views and values with hopes to be able to one day be able to influence an economy and how it is run, creating a better living environment by bettering the Human Development Index.
The A Levels which I have studied has helped me to gain skills which will help me at university while studying Economics. Studying Economics has allowed me to have a deeper insight into how different government bodies use their powers in order to create better living standards and meet their macro-economic objectives. This has only strengthened my passion for economics making me want to continue my studies into higher education. Economics has enabled me to improve my analytical skills while also developing on my time management with varying lengths of questions during exams. Another skill I have been able to develop through studying economics is my numeracy skills. Economics has made this possible through the complex data handling on graphs and through formulae used to solve elasticity questions.
A Level Media Studies has allowed me to understand the deeper meaning behind the mise-en-scène used in every media text that we consume on a day to day basis. This links directly into my Economic Studies as it allows me to analyse the legitimacy of many economist’s theories and points. Computer Science has given me the opportunity to work both independently as in a group, excelling my leadership skills while letting me be the head of a group project.
Outside of school, I work part time as a sales consultant for Currys Pc World. Within this role I have to work alongside my colleagues in our respective departments in order to meet the stores key performance indicators. Working under pressure has taught me to manage my time well and multitask, allowing customers to be pleased with my service. Speaking to customers regularly has allowed my confidence to grow alongside my communication skills. In addition, when helping the customer to find the correct product I have to exercise my problem-solving skills in order to direct them to the right solution for their needs. When processing transactions on the till, I am required to count large sums of money which has improved my mental arithmetic. Working in a fast pace retail environment, I was able to see what strategies were used to increase demand and drive up the company’s margin. I also had a two-week work placement as an administrative assistant at Snowbird Foods LTD. Within this role, I had to develop my IT skills using programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. My responsibilities were to manage and update the stock level and manage cheques which are going to be sent from business to business. This benefited my organisation skills which will help me throughout life.
Going into higher education, I am looking forward to being a part of the university’s community though clubs and societies not just my academic abilities. I would like to do this by continuing hobby of football which progressed through out secondary school. I represented Kingsmead School’s football team from year 8 to year 11 and then the Senior team in year 12 to year 13. Furthermore, I played for external teams from the age of 8 where I have won league titles, which has given the characteristic of determination and the strive for success. Studying economics at university will be challenging but will fuel my passion and give me more of an understanding into how the economy works. Sixth Form has been a stepping stone, providing intense learning experiences, but I still have a lot to learn which I can do through university.

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