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Deficits, wars and scandal: this seems to be the current interpretation of Politics today. The global media appear to enjoy taking a destructive stance to economic and political policy. Have we lost our sense of balance and composure?

It is this debate that I found both embracing as well as frustrating, with editorials and columns devoted to the more sensational negative news stories. For instance, take the recent story of the allegedly incompetent Greek government to manage its own fiscal policy, and its complacent attitude to tax collection.

This has overshadowed news about the pioneering, yet potentially damaging, public spending reforms issued by the Irish government in what appears to be similar circumstances to that of Greece.

Why is Ireland less significant in news agendas? It is these contrasts that have increased my fascination in the world of politics and economics, two disciplines that appear to have a symbiotic relationship.

I am particularly interested in reading and researching current affairs at both a national and international level, and then applying some original ideas to these.

Several recent articles in 'The Economist' about the momentum of China's economic growth, and its likely displacement of the USA as the world's largest economy is an area I find especially stimulating. Can China's economic and political model sustain the country's meteoric rise?

The political repression and tight controls, ranging from workers rights to currency manipulation, all seem to be contributing to China's success. However, is the model sustainable in the long term? Will social frustration and political suppression gradually emerge as the architects of China's fall from grace?

A truly fascinating conundrum, one that will only play out in the following decades. It is these types of debates that have made me passionate in pursuing further studies of both Economics and Politics.

Studying for the International Baccalaureate has helped me with these passions by showing me that subjects which seem so unrelated are actually deeply integrated. For instance Biology has opened up to me in a whole new way as I began to examine the economical, political and moral consequences of areas such as stem cell research.

English has also allowed me to look at literature from alternative viewpoints, such as Wilfred Owen's painful war poetry showed me the sacrifice made by people as a result of unnecessary disputes or mindless greed.

Leadership is something that I believe is extremely important: as a result I have started and continue to lead an award winning enterprise group, became a student governor and a councillor of my college and rose from a member of the business team to become editor-in-chief of my college's magazine.

All of these enterprises have advanced since I have joined: my enterprise group has become the advertising team for a government project dealing with marketing and public relations across Lancashire.

Through these enterprises I learned a lot about life skills such as leadership and teamwork and the delicate balance between these, while also learning time management.

I have also experienced first hand the politics that affects everyday society and the economics that come with such policies, while also showing me how to face the moral implications of taking on such leadership. This applies especially to my term as Governor where I am dealing with changing education boards, budget cuts and improving achievement in the face of uncertainty.

Also, as editor of the magazine I have written numerous articles on current political and economic issues and how they affect students, allowing me to research these fascinating topics in greater depth.

In my time at college I have learned more about the workings of the world outside of the one I am used to than I ever thought imaginable and I saw the horror and beauty lying within it, now all I want to do is learn and see more.

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Did you get into Oxford then?

Did you get into Oxford then? If so, congrats; great Personal Statement in my opinion!


Appreciate you sharing, great article post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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