Economics and Finance Personal Statement Example 11

My attraction to the world of commerce, business and management stemmed from an early age and was confirmed when I took G.C.S.E

Business studies, all aspects of which I found to be extremely absorbing. Having enjoyed my AS levels I plan to take my interest in economics further, in particular, the areas that overlap with units covered in the majority of business courses, noticeably marketing, general economics, finance, law, and business strategy, and these I would like to study in greater depth. The intensity of the AS and A Level course requires me to be self motivated and committed to all my subjects in order to ensure that I achieve the best grades I can. My other A level subjects require the use of practical, analytical and problem solving skills, which will be of further benefit in my degree

Local work experience gave me valuable insights into the corporate world, and although I was working with small companies, they nevertheless compete in the same markets as large corporations, and I was able to make a comparison when I had the fantastic opportunity of spending in a week working in the UK arm of Boots Retail International Head Office at Crookes Healthcare in Nottingham. Here I had a fascinating view into the internal workings of the British and international business markets, as well as the chance to widen my horizons. Working with a large team helped me to develop my communication skills and to work co-operatively with a variety of different people. In addition, I was asked to work independently on certain tasks in the finance and marketing divisions, which allowed me to use my own initiative to contribute to the company's objectives. I was also interviewed on numerous occasions to give my opinions on new product lines that were being introduced to the market. This required me to provide analytical judgements, speaking at large board meetings, which improved my confidence greatly. I spent time working within human resources, accounts, marketing and finance

I enjoy travelling, meeting new people and experiencing different ways of life. I have had the opportunity to meet young people from diverse cultural backgrounds, while visiting British Columbia, on school exchange programmes to France, during a vastly interesting and remarkable two weeks spent travelling in Italy, and at home, as my family has hosted Chinese students for the last four years

During my lower sixth year I became a prefect, representing others in a responsible and fair manner. At a recent Local Government in Action day, I was selected for the role of chief executive. Which involved presentations to a large audience, and a debate in front of the 'chamber', which included local council executives. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has developed my leadership skills, stamina and desire to succeed. I have passed the Bronze and am working towards the Silver Award. I enjoy the expeditions and being part of a group working towards a common aim. I have played for the school basketball team which has achieved the title of West Wales champions for five consecutive years, and have represented the school three times in the Welsh finals. I also coach and play for my town under 30's basketball team. I enjoy a wide variety of other sporting activities such as mountain bike racing, surfing, football and canoeing. Luckily in my region I have had the good fortune to be able to pursue these activities without too much difficulty and in university I hope to be able to join various societies that will enable me to further my leisure pursuits- keeping fit, making friends, having fun! I am thoroughly looking forward to the challenges of university life and intend to take full advantage of the opportunities there, playing a part in the social aspects as well as the academic. Ultimately, I hope to work in the commercial sector, and reading business at one of the top institutions would enable me to achieve this objective.

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