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As Steve Jobs said in a most eminent speech at Stanford University, it is impossible to "connect the dots" looking forward when you are young. Thus, the only way to make the right decisions at the age of 18 is to follow your intuition. I have always had the courage to do so for I believe that my heart already knows what I want to become.

Nowadays Economics is the cornerstone of the world and in the time of crisis that we live in, the significance of a good financial education is tremendous. Therefore, I endeavour to further develop my knowledge and master new skills in the area of Economics and Finance. I am determined to seek a career as a financial analyst or banker after I finish my education. This has always been my purpose, cardinally motivated by my father who is an economist and businessman by profession, and also the CEO and owner of one of the leading hosiery factories in Bulgaria, ___.

Fortunately, his entrepreneurship and business flair had drawn my eye from an extremely early age. I recall vividly my first encounter with the business world when I discovered I had inherited the latter qualities from him - it was the initiative of selling some of my own toys to the children in our neighbourhood. Hardly had I entered adolescence, when he started teaching me Business 101 and gave me a lot of valuable lessons, which I could soon put into practice, assigned with various tasks in our family-owned firm. Among them were leading a small team, maintaining the documentation of the firm and writing invoices, which taught me essential communicative, administrative and leadership skills. As a member of the Business Skills Club of my school, I learnt business etiquette, as well as the basics of management and microeconomics and have been assessed in a presentation of a business plan, composed with a group of fellow students which tested my ability to work in a team and meet deadlines.

Later on, with the advancement of my knowledge of the matter I became more liable and my duties gradually increased, when I was leading the correspondence with major clients and suppliers such as ___ and a global textile yarns producer called ___. The latter developed in me great responsibility that I had been assigned with the administration of a leading brand, which tremendously contributed to my self-confidence and shaped me business-wise. In addition, I have attended negotiations, accompanying my father, with a most respectable Greek businessman - the co-owner of one of the largest hosiery factories in Europe, and as a result have been acquainted with the business atmosphere. The latter, along with Dr. Giorgio____, a PhD of Economics and Finance whom I met in Italy, have motivated me to seek the international climate in business.

Being keen on Mathematics, I acquired analytical and statistical skills which soon came into practice when I got introduced to Robert Kiyosaki's books and immersed into Finance. They were specifically of use when I started following the stock exchange markets from which I know a great deal of the financial terminology. Soon afterwards, I started trading by myself with the guidance of my mother, and have currently more than 25 deals.

Furthermore, it is the pressure from school and the compelling requirements of my tennis coaches that lead me to become the disciplined person I find myself to be. I have also sung in the Plovdiv Boys' Choir for long years and have participated in music festivals, concerts and tours across Europe which deepened my understanding of different cultures and broadened my perception of the world.

My thirst for knowledge and my desire to be a part of an international academic environment leads me choose Great Britain as the destination for my university studies in the field of Economics. Being an economic superpower, England is a country which could provide the best atmosphere for my future development and I believe that the "dots" will connect there for me.

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