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Contemplating over the last thirteen years of my academic journey I feel confident enough to coupe with the complex natures of different subjects. However I find subjects related to financial calculation quite interesting. I particularly enjoy the way business deals with every day issues; this is why I strongly considered opting for finance and law. Law will be quite a new experience as far as studying is concerned. My family and friends consists of numerous numbers of barristers. Obviously this was the source of severe temptation I possess about law, but my attention to undergo work on social issues and present persuasive arguments cannot be ignored.

My early education started at The Beacon house school. However, I opted to appear for O-levels privately. After the June 2006 CIE examination session I joined the City PAF chapter. I had chemistry, biology, and physics as my main course subjects In Ordinary level, but my interest in business studies influenced me to opt for economics and business studies in my Advance level. My interest was further grown and matured enabling me to view business analytically and make astute suggestions regarding possible improvements.

Reflecting upon my past experiences, the most memorable one was my internship at BILAL ASSOCIATES. I went through numerous financial statements and learned the professional way of doing things. I enhanced my speaking skills greatly by interacting with people of different countries. I used to facilitate my seniors helping them where ever I could, their guidance proved essential as I understood different economic concepts that I have studied earlier.

The time spent at the city PAF chapter has been quite productive as far as extra curricular activities are concerned. I am also the recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh award. We went through several different stages, which included fire fighting drills, scouting camp, voluntary work at a local hospital, and a field trip at a recreational park. The City PAF chapter is a helm of sports activities. Out door games like cricket, football, badminton, and table tennis are played under the guidance and supervision of professional coaches. In this regard I have been an active participant in all these activities.

In my leisure times, I like to watch movies based on science and fiction. Driving is also one of my passions. Besides, horse riding is quite popular among my family members therefore some of my leisure time is also spent on it. Furthermore I spent most of my weekend with my friends, visiting different restaurants across the city as I am quite fond of eating.

After completing the under graduation program I desire to opt for the masters program as well. Surely, the work experience would be vital. After graduation I intend to look for a well established firm such as the BARCLAY'S bank or the fox William's law firm. A couple of year experience and a masters program from a renowned university in England would blend me with professionalism expertise. However my ultimate goal is to make a significant change to what things are at present. I would like to contribute to our family business and lift it new heights.

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