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I wish to be recognised as someone who is open-minded and well educated. That is why I want to achieve a top degree in the rigorous, but always changing discipline of Economics. Studying this subject at university would allow me to understand how combinations of complex economical concepts can help to tackle poverty and welfare, the main issues of 21st century. Furthermore as well as studying economics I would be able to study modules in finance, accountancy, international trade, monetary policies. I believe that, would help me to develop a broad understanding of the whole business and finance sector.

The turning point of my life was the decision to take my A levels abroad. After carrying out careful research on education in various EU countries, I decided to choose the United Kingdom for the standard of its higher education. The college I am studying at offers a wide range of A level subjects. I have chosen Mathematics, Law, Business Studies and History to prepare for studies at university. Furthermore I am fluent in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages which I believe will help me whilst studying at university.

My urge to be self-sufficient drove me to get a part time job in a fast food restaurant. After a year of work I was promoted to the staff-trainer position. During this year I had the chance to learn the basics of how business works and see how closely its activity is related to concepts of economics. Together with that, I have started to develop people management and training skills. My managers describe me as trustworthy and responsible person. As a consequence of my self-sufficiency I have managed to finance my UK course myself.

Outside of school I have always led a very active social life. When I was five years old I was invited to join a music school to learn singing and later on to perform in my school choir. Through these lessons at the music school, and singing in the choir, I have learnt patience, discipline, and teamwork. At the age of 16 I was elected to be president of my school student council. As a leader of the team and a representative of the student community, I also developed skills in areas of negotiation and public speaking. Whilst a student council member, I had the opportunity to attend many different courses on time planning, project writing, management and many more.

One of my hobbies is debating. This hobby has helped me to improve my skills of speech writing and public speaking. Furthermore it encouraged me to do research on various topics, that way broadening my span of interests. After moving to England I became a reader of ''The Economist'', as it helps me to stay up- to- date with world-wide affairs. Sport is another area which has always played a great part of my life, I am a passionate basketball player and a strong athlete, especially in hammer throwing. These two sports allow my character to develop strong will and teach me about the importance of being a team player.

I am a hard working and goal-orientated person. I hope that studying Economics at university will provide me with necessary knowledge and will create an environment for me to develop the set of skills required for a successful career in a modern business environment.

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This personal statement was written by Stumpy for application in 2008.

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This does not have a lot of fancy and complicate language, and I think there might be some grammar errors, however I have tried to put facts in order which if I succeeded makes it easy and interesting to read and remember. Hopefully it will be of any use to someone preparing for UCAS application next year. Good Luck!!!

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great statement, far less

great statement, far less pompous than the other ones i've read!
really helpful


How nice to see a fellow lithuanian here!! hope you suceed in what you want to do:)

Don't like the fact that you

Don't like the fact that you had to revert to the old cliche in mentioning how you are a reader of The Economist. Whether it's true or not, it doesn't impress anyone and certainly doesn't give an impression of uniqueness to your statement. You also fail to make reference to real-life situations which Economics can be applied. If you were really that interested in the subject rather than the financial gain at the end of the course then you would have mentioned this at some point.

Otherwise, very good.

Thanks everyone.

Thanks everyone.

To people who asked me what offers ive got the answer is:

University of Leeds
University of Birmingham
City University

And ive been rejected by LSE...

I've decided to accept University of Leeds and have Bham insurence as hitting 3A seemed somewhat unrealistic at the time ... currently im at Bham and im LOVIN'IT so... Good luck to you all with your statements!

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