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The application of mathematics in the real world has always fascinated me. Mathematics acts as a base from which economics progresses, with such skills as differentiation needed to find the elasticity coefficients in higher education.

A large influence on me has been T. W. Korner's "The Pleasure of Counting". It has resulted in me increasingly applying mathematical ideologies to the real world, particularly in the economics and finance field, which has progressed my critical thinking and analytical skills.

Having studied all four branches of the mathematics syllabus, I have acquired a strong interest in pure mathematics, in particular calculus. The way that a simple problem, ie a question in two dimensions, can be extended to further dimensions, hence requiring further logic has captivated me.

These problems can then be extended to the imaginary world by progressing into the nth dimension. The same concept can be applied to economics. A straightforward problem can become more involved by different factors being added, such as consumer confidence.

The challenge of further mathematics and economics at A level has cemented my desire to study both of these at university level. Economics is a fundamental part of life and the recent economic crisis has further illustrated this.

The effects of government policy in achieving economic objectives have become more apparent to me over the past few years and this has aided me in my studies. As a result I have strived to extend my knowledge beyond the constraints of the classroom.

For instance, I have enjoyed attending a number of lectures, discussions and debates at various universities. Topics have been varied; with examples I found particularly engaging being "Cities and Economic Development" and "Chaos, Unpredictability and the Evolution of Mathematical Ideas".

These have given me experience of university-style lectures and furthered my desire to study mathematics and economics at a higher level.

As a prefect, I have been a member of the college council. This has involved leading regular meetings with students and staff to help improve the school.

From this I have gained skills in time management, prioritization and teamwork. Ideas drawn up and suggested by my team and I have been fed through to the headmistress and governors, making a real difference.

During the school term I have tutored younger students at various levels in mathematics. This experience has taught me to be persistent, take new approaches to explaining concepts and to challenge my assumptions. I have found this rewarding, with my students achieving above their predicted grades, giving me a great sense of pride.

Music is also a passion of mine. From a young age I have played both classical and contemporary guitar. I have put this talent to wider use, playing at a local venue in order to help raise money for peers, who were undertaking in a charity-based expedition to Nepal.

To accompany my studies I have had jobs in a large furnishing store and at a local supermarket. These have broadened my practical knowledge and shown I can apply this to abstract situations. As a result I have been in constant contact with the public, progressing my interpersonal skills. Trust has been put upon me in both of these jobs to handle money and I have been praised for my reliability and initiative.

Preparing for my STEP I examination has helped me to 'break out' of the repetitive and somewhat predictable nature of A Level mathematics. I have relished the opportunity to consider problems where the emphasis was not on the answer, but on proof and method, which required a certain amount of ingenuity.

In going to university I look forward to gaining greater independence and building upon the foundations of knowledge that school has equipped me with, in the fields of mathematics and economics.

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Warwick - Maths and Economics (FIRM)
LSE - Maths and Economics (INSURANCE)
UCL - Maths with Economics (offer)
Nottingham - Maths and Economics (offer)
Bristol - Economics and Maths (offer)


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