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Throughout my life I have experienced a wide variety of cultures- I have Spanish and Lebanese origins, but I was born in Mexico; and during my childhood I was educated in a British school. This multicultural background sparked in me a great interest in understanding relations between different countries and their differences in government and economy.

Having family from Lebanon and being able to have a first hand opinion on Middle Eastern issues, gave me a new point of view and pushed me into further learning it’s consequences at an international level. My Spanish background alongside the British education has helped me view the European union with a broader perspective. My annual visits to Mexico raised my interest in the realities of a developing country, making me eager to understand the problems in their economic, social, and environmental policies.

I have experienced three different educational systems; British, Spanish and the EBI system. Learning with such drastically different methodologies has provided me the opportunity to learn the best aspects of each, while at the same time improving my adaptability skills. Inside Spain’s traditional educational system, I take part in the ”Bachillerato de Excelencia” (Baccalaureate of Excellence). BEX is an innovative programme that brings students closer to leading companies, executives and entrepreneurs; allowing them to better understand the working world. Being president of my team in Junior Achievement’s “miniempresas” entrepreneurial project enabled my teamwork and leadership skills to grow. Being part of my schools’ debate club allowed me to learn how to debate in the English and Spanish debate models. My team was one of the few qualified to participate in the first English national debate tournament, organised by the prestigious IE University.

Electing Social Sciences has allowed me to study philosophy and economy; areas that have helped me understand how society works and its changing ideals. Together with History, these courses have helped me understand that what makes a country flourish, is not its natural resources, but how countries manage their economy, social policies, and political systems. I am looking forward to developing and further understanding these complex issues, hoping one day I can contribute in helping narrow the gap between developing and developed countries.

During my school years, I have been part of the Athletics team, alongside after school Ballet lessons. However, where I learnt the most was during my volunteering work for RocaClub and charities in Mexico, where I realized how fortunate we really are -how corrupt and cruel the world can be. This has also pushed me into wanting to expand my knowledge, so that one day, I can help change this continuing issue. Reading ‘The Age of Sustainable Development’ by Jeffrey Sachs helped me understand todays world and gave me hope that my aspiration, to improve the world, is not out of reach.

I have been fortunate enough to attend lectures from CEU University, which furthered my knowledge in international relations and economics. In order to have first hand experiences, first, I became an intern for ‘Res Secundae’, in their customer care department. I was able to learn about the importance of having happy customers; and, especially how to diffuse and turn around problematic situations with customers. Lastly, in my second internship, I worked for ‘Cool Media Trade’, owner of ‘Clandestine Sunglasses.’ Its Innovative collaboration with the NGO “JuegaTerapia” taught me how the private sector can have a bigger role in helping improve a country’s social wellbeing. This experience had an important influence in me and made me realise that I want to pursue a career with NGO’s.

Due to my international background and education, in addition to my passion for the course, I believe that the United Kingdom is the best opportunity for me to acquire the skills needed to work at an NGO and grow intellectually and personally.

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My. Name is Lucia Awad and I applied to:

University of Sussex- International relations and development
University of Manchester- global sustainable development
University of Warwick- economics and global sustainable development
University of Bath - economics and global sustainable development
University of Birmingham- economics and international relations

I got offers from all 5 universities

I hope you find my personal statement useful


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