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The financial crisis of 2007-08 has been the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and has severely impacted my family, especially my father who owns three businesses. The economic downturn has inspired me to learn and appreciate more about the economy whilst better understanding how and why such a devastating crisis could occur. I remember reading about the fall of the Lehman Brothers and being in awe of how such a big investment bank could be declared bankrupt. Choosing to study Finance and Business has been one of the best decisions I have made academically. Finance taught me a range of life skills as well as understanding how the global economy works which made studying it so pleasurable. Business has taught me to understand what a business conducts in its operations. Economics is such an interesting degree to study as it teaches one about the ever changing world in greater depth, and shows that there is a lot more to economics than what meets the eye. One particular module which I am looking forward to studying is econometrics as it will enable me with the skills needed for my chosen career choice. I am hoping to pursue a career in the financial/banking sector because of its dynamic environment, which offers new challenges daily with continuous learning and developing of new skills. As well as this, it also offers the chance to network and build connections in the industry.

Coming from Mauritian background, French is a language I hold close to me. So I took it upon myself to further develop this lingual skill at AS level. In this global market being multilingual in the fiscal sector allows one to communicate with traders of different nations giving an edge on competition. Finance and Business compliment Economics and helps to give me an insight into the thrilling world of the global economy. To further understand Economics, I have attended various open Economics lectures, the most interesting being the one at LSE; The European Debt Crisis: The Greek Case, presented by former Prime Minister, Costas Simitis. I keep up with world current affairs, for example listening to BBC News 24. I recognise how important it is to keep up to date with what happens worldwide, and not stay oblivious to major issues such as the Syrian conflict, drops in oil prices, as well an increase to the London Wage. I also broaden my knowledge by reading various publications relating to Economics such as 'Too Big to Fail’ by Sorkin’s which has enlightened me on the events building up to the downfall of Wall Street. I have also taken an interest in reading ‘The Economist’. This has assisted me in writing my Extended Project in which I explored the impact of the financial crisis on global economies. Whilst using ‘The Economist’, I have grown an interest in several different matters on the site, such as the Big Mac Index which puts world currencies into perspective of a Big Mac.

Exercising has helped to build my self-confidence whilst looking after my body. I like to always take part in physical activity such as the school rugby and basketball team. I have been part of the school football team for two years, plus captaining the rounder’s team, has given me the skills to communicate efficiently and effectively with others while staying focused during difficult times. I have run three consecutive cross countries in the Borough of Hillingdon, always finishing in the top 15 percent of athletes each year. I also practice Muay Thai, which teaches a lot of self-discipline and patience. Being part of the School Council for five years has meant that I represented and acted as a voice for my classmates, bringing forward suggestions or concerns to senior management. Upholding this role for five years has taught me to always listen to people and take advice on board. All the skills I have developed over the years will help me to cope with the hard yet exciting academic life at University as well as a future in the fast paced banking world.

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