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My perception of economics and politics changed when in 2008 I became involved in the city council’s budgetary committee as a student representative, which gave me an insight how a political decision can have an impact on the whole city’s future on both social and economic scales. Since then I have become aware of the significance of past economic events on future policy-making.

Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to study economics in my secondary school, but I have always exploited as much as possible from my opportunities.

Apart from attending a bilingual class of English, I study Mathematics on an advanced level and I have been taking part in a preparatory course at Mathias Corvinus Collegium for two years.

Along with two other modules I accomplished international studies and economics. While learning about macroeconomics we had to compare the different strategies and financial tools that a government has at its disposal to control its economy.

Reading from Paul Samuelson, John Stuart Mill, Adam Smith and Keynes throughout the course gave me a wide perspective of economics. Currently the financial crisis and the crisis of the Eurozone are the topics that significantly concern me and I try to keep myself up to date through broadsheet newspapers and online media.

The subject of politics has played a great role in my life for four years as I have been a member of the school’s Model European Parliament team. A hundred students gather annually for one week to simulate the European Union’s legislative body whilst developing our debating and reasoning skills on current issues.

Over the sessions I was dealing with problems such as the EU Russian relations, the Copenhagen Climate Conference, the intelligent energy network and the common energy policy.

Two years ago, for my outstanding performance I was selected as a member of the Hungarian delegation for the international session in Tallinn, discussing the problem of growing nationalist tendencies in the EU. For the next national session I was chosen as the leader of the delegation.

Through these experiences I learned how to be successful in taking responsibility for a whole team, and proved how committed I am, while perfecting my leadership skills.

The work experience I gained at iGuidU World Ltd., a newly born iPhone application embraced me with such skills that always keep me on track and motivate me.

While creating the company I further developed my team working skills as well as learned how to manage my time after school. Now, that the project succeeded I am the member of the team responsible for the social media campaign. The experience of the process of trying to sell our product to the costumers successfully, taught me that nothing is impossible and strengthened the pursuit of my dreams in me.

I am passionate about the future of the world, and the challenges we have to face nowadays have made me feel concerned. My firm belief is that the following decades have an important role in shaping the future’s stable economy and political life to tide over the current crisis and even solve or at least slacken global warming. I want to be part of this process.

Having read Al Gore’s book An Inconvenient Truth and David JC MacKay’s Sustainable Energy-Without Hot Air has demonstrated to me that we have to act now to preserve a liveable environment for future generations. Economics and the question of sustainable development have a strong connection.

I have high ambitions considering my future. In ten years’ time I see myself as one of the politicians trying to solve climate change with financial tools, strategies and the skills acquired at university.

I believe that studying in the United Kingdom will equip me with the necessary knowledge base to achieve my goals. Furthermore, studying in a native environment not only would develop my language skill but as well as me as a person. I look forward to getting involved in both academic and social aspects of university life.

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