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The ever-changing nature of the human science intrigues me. Newton’s laws of motion will never change, from wherever ‘the ball is dropped’. However, different strategies and policies have to be framed and implemented for each economic problem. My father’s stories of how boring his job was made it vital for me to find a course that will always have my interest. I am sure my fascination for Economics will never die because it is limitless, there is no point, where one can say, I know everything. Studying Economics as a part of my IB program has deepened my interest in the subject and I want to study the subject further and eventually contribute to the world. I believe that the knowledge of Philosophy and Politics is also essential as they help in making ethically fair and effective decisions.
I enjoy analysing situations and giving my views on them. Recently an article caught my attention, about towering inflation in India forcing the RBI to hike interest rates, however Inflation has not been curbed, despite the monetary policy; I believe the monetary policy was not as effective because the hike in inflation is mostly cost push and not demand pull. The MUN (Model United Nations) sessions in my school brought such stimulating issues to my attention. For example, I represented the UK on the issue of E-waste disposal, and received commendable appreciation.
Having been elected the Student Council President for two years in a row, I have organized large school events successfully and have brought new ideas for the development of the school and students, for example I introduced a practical education program for the grade 9 students, inspired by the show ‘The Apprentice’. Not being a dictator, I have gained the respect of my colleagues by always taking their opinions into account.
Working with my music band, 'Carpe Diem’ has helped me develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, which I am sure, will progress, with further guidance at the university. I have performed with my band on various occasions in front of audiences of up to 500 people. This came into being as I am greatly involved in extracurricular activities, and had been learning Indian Classical music from childhood. After coming to India I have successfully cleared 4 years in classical singing, with 1st class results from the University of Gwalior. Additionally my deep interest in pop music enticed me to learn how to play the guitar by watching videos off the internet.
The IB truly makes well rounded students. As a part of the CAS (Creativity Action Service) program have participated in adventure sports such as, Rapid River rafting in the Ganges, night trekking, rappelling, treasure hunts and obstacle courses. Inspired by Hilary Cooper’s famous saying, ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away’ I never miss a chance to do something thrilling. These activities have taught me how to work in a team, make critical decisions and has even helped me overcome my fear of heights (somewhat)!
CAS inculcated in me the spirit of service. Every weekend, for 6 months I went to a destitute centre called ‘Aarambh’ and taught a child named ‘Deepak’. Instead of teaching a class of twelve, Deepak was my only student thus the progress he made was immense. He has also been a contributing factor to my choice of Economics and Politics. Poverty is immense in India, the ill allocation of resources and corruption in the country is the reason for poor education for children like Deepak. I have also visited an Old age home on several occasions, listening to their stories made me realise the importance of humility and giving respect. We have also on many occasions prepared and served food to the hungry children on the streets.
At University I want to acquire new skills and knowledge and develop those that I already possess, and assure you I will work to the best of my ability to do that.

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