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During the outbreak of COVID-19, my father took a keen interest in the economic state of the world, and his views and opinions became a focal point of our dinner table conversations. I was truly captivated by the impact that such complex and intricate economic processes can have on people simultaneously globally. Inspired by my father's enthusiasm, I enrolled for business studies at GCSE level, aspiring to deepen my comprehension of the economic forces that shape our world.  

This transcended into A level economics which provided me with a valuable insight into the world of economics and finance. The economics course has provided me with the opportunity to develop my GCSE knowledge of businesses and financial principles such as the game theory which is explores behavioural economics and psychological factors that produce a more strategic way of making decisions enhancing my perception of situations that market leaders and oligopolies encounter and how they are able to predict and prevent the actions of their rivals.  

Partaking in directed studies and real-world assignments during my course at college, like launching a small business provided me with a first-hand insight into the true interdependence between customer satisfaction and business success. I am pleased to predict an A for my level Economics as it reflects my enthusiasm and hard work.  

I find the sense of satisfaction gained throughout the process of problem-solving in mathematics is what I appreciate the most. The intricate process of grappling with ideas and eventually overcoming them is what truly excites me. The art of Mathematics requires practical and a mathematically inclined mindset, traits that are resembled in some of the leaders of economics and finance field such as John Maynard Keynes who is the founder of modern-day macroeconomics and the seminal figure for creating the Keynesian phenomena that states, during a recession, economic output and growth is mainly determined by aggregate demand. 

Mathematics has further engaged my infatuation towards problem-solving and enhanced my ability to utilise different arithmetical variables, which is very beneficial considering the analytical ability required in Accounting and Economics. 

Additionally, growing up in a bilingual household has enabled me to fluently learn the languages of Russian and Armenian. I truly believe my trilingual ability in Russian and Armenian accompanied by my GCSE French learning will be immensely advantageous in the future, as it is becoming progressively more important to speak an array of languages, especially in the field of economics and international business where communication is the engine for change.   

Apart from my academic endeavours, I have been deeply involved in sports, particularly football and athletics, for over a decade. Throughout the years 2017 to 2020, I had the privilege of representing my district, Southeast Sussex at football which taught me many valuable qualities such as discipline and leadership. 

Although studying economics will be challenging, I believe that it will be rewarding as it will give me a greater understanding and more in-depth view of the economy. I hope that studying for this degree will not only give me the knowledge to continue my conversations with my father at the dinner table but to also enable me to pursue my ambitions in a career as an investment banker.

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