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The theoretical aspects of economics and business management have for the past years been one of my greatest interests and developing as an entrepreneur has been my goal. I am fascinated by strategies in management and the behaviour of companies in the theory of the firm.

I am also eager to learn and understand more of growth and development and barriers to trade and their effect. My hard work in- and outside of the classroom and experiences with my mentors have lead me to pursue the educational path your university offers in order to get insight into the business world and its economy today.

At age 16 I decided to do an exchange year in Watford, England. Due to differences between the Swedish and British school systems I went directly from grade 9 to 12 and took my AS-levels.

Having to keep up with the pace and adapt to being taught in a new language was a challenge unlike anything I had experienced before, it taught me most importantly how far my determination can take me. It was also during my year in the UK that i discovered Business

Studies as an academic discipline. I was especially fascinated by corporate strategies as well as motivational theories, as a result I independently did research comparing Maslow's Need hierarchy and Taylor's scientific theory, which I presented to the school. I am hoping for the opportunity of doing primary research in similar areas at your university.

I was also selected as one of 12 students to represent my school at the inspiring conference "Your future in Europe", held in Paris in 2010. Moreover, spending a year in Watford made me eager to return to the UK for my university studies. My desire to attend a prominent university in the UK led me to chose the IB Diploma programme.

The skills of analysing, time management, determination and participation proved incredibly valuable and already in my first year I received the Award of Achievement in Economics, English, History and Mathematics.

In my second year I got the same award in Economics, English, Mathematics and ToK. I was the only student in my year to receive that many. Outside of my economics classroom I enjoyed reading the books of Matt McGee (The good, the bad and the economist) and Jim Collins (Built to last) to deepen my knowledge for my own interest as well as my studies.

Based on my performance in Economics, I was nominated to participate in EGMUN 2012 as the representative of the UK in ECOFIN. Debating economics issues with bright-minded young people was truly inspiring.

As a Higher Maths student, the head Maths teacher decided to recruit me as her first-ever student assistant in Standard level classes. This job demanded patience and creativity and I greatly developed my communication and cooperative skills.

I have also worked part-time at a law firm, where my duties required financial knowledge, time management and responsibility. There I engaged Katarina Nordquist, co-founder of the firm, as my personal mentor to deepen my knowledge about managing a company and understanding corporate strategies and the behaviour of organisations.

In my gap year I have moved to Melbourne, Australia, to Au Pair for Nick Garnham, co-owner of the furniture manufacturer Jardan whom I engaged as my mentor.

I frequently visit the Melbourne office to get more insight into the behaviour and running of a large company and the barriers of trade effect.

Experiences with my mentors and their companies has made me determined to find my own place in the entrepreneurial world. The wide range of courses offered at your institution will allow me explore a number of different fields before settling for a specialisation.

Your university, your courses, seminars, and conferences will challenge me academically and make me grow, both as a student and as an entrepreneur.

Your dedicated teaching staff and ambitious students seem eager to learn as well as share their knowledge, I believe that my passion and dedication will be yet another great addition.

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This personal statement was written by rstahlnacke for application in 2013.

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I did have some problems making sure that I was fitting both Economics and Management into the statement. The process was quite exhausting and the end result really is nothing like my first draft but I think it turned out alright - I will find out exactly how much it helped me in a few weeks.


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