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Growing up in a business environment has allowed me to experience economic theories first hand, rather than from the pages of a textbook. From a young age I stood by my parents, watching as they went from working for others, to running their very own company. Through taking Mathematics and Economics at A-Level I can now match the correct terminology with my experiences, some of which counter to learning, I could not name and so each and every lesson unravels a new concept I have yet to discover.

On attending a conference, hosted by the Institute of Economics Affairs, I took part in a heated debate on topics such as the role of financial markets and the impact of immigration which inspired me to organise weekly debates in my form around current affairs and issues in the economy. To widen my knowledge outside of the school curriculum, I took up further reading into the subject. Apart from the conventional Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics which were particularly insightful, I also had the chance to read Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely which explored the concept of Behavioural Economics and how human behaviour can be easily manipulated by markets in their favour. I was surprised to learn how similar Economics was to Psychology, both being sciences of human behaviour. I believe my A-Levels have provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in which I can build on in further education and all, to an extent complement each other. For example, many statistical methods I have used in Psychology such as quantitive analysis can be incorporated into both Mathematics and Economics when interpreting data.

Aside from pure Mathematics, I enjoyed learning the applied modules such as Decision as it uncovered a side of the subject which was alien to me. ‘Maths in Action’ at University College London explored concepts from imaginary numbers to 4D geometry. I was opened up to how diverse it is as a subject and the numerous forms it takes in the world around me, learning to appreciate it more. Having said this, I also took part in the UKMT Mathematics Challenge, awarding me with two Bronze awards over the years.

As the sole candidate for Further Mathematics in my year, I have, through learning the majority of the course at home, developed a sense of independence and initiative. In view of this, I believe that these skills will prove to be especially useful in preparing me for the future as I am aware that successful independent studying is vital in reaching my full potential at university.

While undergoing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award, I was consistently challenged both mentally and physically, but by the end it enhanced my capability to work with deadlines and under pressure; motivating me to even undertake the Silver Award, which I aim to complete it in the coming year. In addition, I mentored students in lower years Mathematics, which further strengthened my communication skills and in turn, wider involvement within the school community. Over the course of last Summer I also took part in the NCS Challenge, one of most exhilarating and rewarding experiences of my life by far. I had the chance to work with numerous people my age, from all over the country and was taught how to handle any situation I am presented with both effectively and efficiently.

I have always found it important to stay in touch with my roots and so outside of school I also engage in traditional Sri Lankan dancing, giving me the opportunity for a creative outlet. Being of Sri Lankan descent, I have, in turn, witnessed extreme poverty and what education means for those that have been denied it, profoundly shaping my view of education. I now utilise any given opportunity, valuing knowledge very highly. Reason as to why I have chosen to study these subjects at a higher level is so that I can apply what I learn to real life, building my career so in the future; I can give back to those who would give anything to be in my place.

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I applied to:
- University of Birmingham (Conditional offer)
- University of Leicester (Conditional offer)
- Aston University (Conditional offer)
- University of Brighton (Conditional offer)
- University of Bristol (Conditional offer)


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